Women are more likely to fake an orgasm with a partner than a one night stand

Orgasms for all, people

Orgasmic Meditation
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Orgasms for all, people

Considering the line 'fake it 'til you make it,' maybe it's no surprise that a total of 68% of women have faked an orgasm at one point in their lives.

It might seem logical to fake an orgasm when you're with someone new and you don't quite get what each other like yet because it's a way to encourage the act to happen over and over again until you do indeed 'make it.'

Although, is that just an excuse for encouraging bad habits? Surely, it's a little cruel to make someone think a specific move is that effective when it isn't?

Well, a new survey of 2,000 participants from Dr. Ed has shown that it's actually context that plays a vital role when it comes to fake orgasms.

The results showed that 20% of women admitted to faking an orgasm during a one-night stand while 29% had said they faked an orgasm at one point during a new relationship and 31% within a longterm relationship - with 20% admitting to in marriage.

Whereas with men, 28% of men admitted to faking it during a one-night stand, 26% in an early relationships, 31% in a longterm one and 15% within marriage.

And it seems your sexual orientation also affects whether or not you're more likely to fake an orgasm with straight women admitting to doing it more than bisexual or lesbian women, and 2% of women saying they fake it every time. (Sob.)

Since orgasms feel so good, women really should be pushing to have real ones as much as possible - and you can always turn to orgasmic meditation if you're really down for the cause. But, there's also an argument towards the orgasm imperative which is the global pressure to orgasm every time you have sex, and that only sex ending with an orgasm can be constituted as 'sex' - when actually it can feel really good regardless, too.

Scientifically, there are also reasons why it’s impossible for some women to orgasm during sex and there are of course other factors as to why women fake orgasms but it does seem to mainly be as a way to not hurt their partner's feelings.

But, really, honesty is the best policy when it comes to the bedroom so here's to being more open in that quest for orgasm equality.

Delphine Chui