Chauffeur service Wheely is offering brand new services for the ultimate luxury experience

Wheely is the super-luxe chauffeur-driven service we didn't know we needed

Wheely app has had a rebrand
(Image credit: Wheely)

Chauffeur-driven car service Wheely has had a complete glow-up, with a brand refresh that coincides with the launch of exclusive new services such as Chauffeur for a Day and Concierge. The revamp marks an important milestone for Wheely, which recently reached its 10th anniversary. 

It's an exciting time for Wheely right now, which is continuing to grow its brand on a global level. At the moment, Wheely's services are only available in London, Paris, and Dubai (the newest city to join the ranks) - but there are plans to expand to more cities throughout the world. 

"This rebrand is an exciting milestone for Wheely as we continue to expand our luxurious services and uphold our commitment to giving our clients back their time," said Anton Chirkunov, Wheely CEO. "Our new visual identity fully reflects our core values and elevates the sophistication and exclusivity of our service."

Wheely app rebrand

(Image credit: Wheely )

So what's the rebrand all about? Well firstly, Wheely has a whole new visual identity, including a new typeface, logo and colour scheme that mirrors its slick and sophisticated offering. Wheely's rebrand also reflects its core values of discretion, trust, and modern tradition. The new look was created by the celebrated London-based design agency Commission, which worked in close collaboration with key members of the Wheely team.

Wheely Design Director Pavel Bocharov explains more, telling us: “The new identity embodies the timeless and immediate, blending tradition with technology. Wheely thrives on their synergy. The application showcases minimalism and functionality, while suits proudly display traditional symbols of professionalism.

"On the one hand, the contemporary neo-grotesque as the main font. On the other, a seal wax as a round traditional logo, cut from a custom slab-serif typeface. Sandstone, the primary hue, nods to both the hourglasses of the past and the silicon-driven modern world”.

Wheely's new services 

Wheely app rebrand

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There are also some new services to mark the rebrand - Chauffeur for Day and Concierge. The Chauffeur for Day service means that select customers can hire a luxury chauffeur for a full day, offering complete freedom and peace of mind when faced with a packed schedule.

While the Concierge service means that select Wheely customers can take advantage of the full concierge treatment, where Wheely chauffeurs will fetch belongings, handle your shopping, and make personal deliveries, freeing up valuable time.

Wheely’s chauffeurs go through rigorous training that is verified by The CPD Certification Service, including etiquette and First Aid. All Wheely Chauffeurs are subject to NDAs and enhanced privacy training - meaning you and your personal life are always in safe hands.

What is Wheely?

Wheely app rebrand

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Wheely is a Swiss-founded British luxury chauffeur service that offers luxurious chauffeur-driven services at the touch of a button. The luxury car service lets you book chauffeur journeys both instantly and in advance - and even for the whole day - through a user-friendly app. 

The service is premium - all chauffeurs are trained in etiquette and arrive wearing a suit, ready to help with doors and baggage. Wheely sets itself apart from similar services by having a rigorous vetting process, not just for its chauffeurs, but also for its cars. Every car in the Wheely fleet must be Mercedes only (Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Mercedes-Benz V-Class), no older than four years old and in immaculate condition. Expect impeccable service, every time. 

Inside the car, the luxury continues with charging cables, free water, and a door that will always be held open for you. Wheely also offers a meet-and-greet service for airport transfers. 

The proof is in the pudding and Wheely's consistently high standards have made Wheely the UK App Store’s highest-rated ride-hailing app with an impressive 4.9 stars rating. 

Wheely says of its services: "We are in the business of protecting our guests’ time. We exist to help them use their time effectively by connecting them to the places and people that matter, in a thoughtful, discreet and reliable manner."

How do you use Wheely? 

Wheely app rebrand

(Image credit: Wheely)

You can download the Wheely app for Apple devices here, and for Android devices here. 

It's pretty simple to use - you only need a phone and pin code, which is sent to verify the phone number, and then you're ready to hit the road. 

Like with taxi services like Uber or Bolt, Wheely will show the ETA of the next available chauffeur - you just need to key in your location and decide whether you want the car now or in the future. 

For those who want to book in advance, there's the 'choose time' time option where you can book days or even weeks in advance.

In terms of cost, it will vary from destination to destination. But a full day with a driver (8 hours) costs around £440 and a journey from North London to Gatwick Airport, for example, costs around £70. 

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