THIS is the best place to live in the UK for quality of life

Winchester wins

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Winchester wins

Have you ever wondered while you're going through the hustle and bustle of every day city life whether THIS is it? Now, we're still not sure what 'it' is but it's got something to do with feeling content where you live. And, there are a load of factors that attribute to this. Now, we've already heard about the happiest place to live in Britain, and the most desirable places to live in the UK but this new study is all about our quality of life.

And, the Halifax study in question has found Winchester to be the best place to live in the UK, in terms of good quality of life. Taking into account a range of factors like life expectancy, employment rates, health, crime, education, wifi access, population densities and the weather, Winchester came out top across the board.

Winchester's weekly earnings totalled up at around £824, which is 27% higher than the UK average, which is currently at £646 a week.

The study also concluded that 96.6% of Winchester residents are known to be in good health, compared to the national average of 94.6%. This also explains why life expectancy rates in Winchester are also higher than the national average. In the city, women are expected to live to around 85 and men to around 82.

Oh, and have we mentioned that the crime rates in the city are also among the lowest across the nation? Yes, we're pretty sold, too.

The top 20 places to live in the UK (for quality of life)

  1. Winchester, Hampshire
  2. Orkney Islands, Scotland
  3. Wychavon, Worcestershire
  4. Derbyshire Dales
  5. Hambleton, North Yorkshire
  6. South Cambridgeshire
  7. Purbeck, Dorset
  8. St Albans, Hertfordshire
  9. Wokingham, Berkshire
  10. Chiltern, Buckinghamshire
  11. West Oxfordshire
  12. South Hams, Devon
  13. South Oxfordshire
  14. Tonbridge and Malling, in Kent
  15. West Dorset
  16. South Northamptonshire
  17. Waverley, in Surrey
  18. Shetland Islands, Scotland
  19. Horsham, in West Sussex
  20. City of London
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