Prince: A style retrospective

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  • Unfiltered and unapologetic, we take a look at Prince’s memorable style...

    With the heartbreaking news that Prince has passed away, so goes an unparalleled breadth of style. Challenging and stretching the boundaries of masculinity, sex, and rock ‘n’roll with his fantastical onstage and red carpet costumes, he pulled from a plethora of references that included Victorian peasant blouses, sequins, and a seemingly bottomless pool of purple.

    The legacy he leaves behind knows no bounds, either: his influence is evident on the runway and on the stage while his gender-blurring tendencies live on in many new season collections.

    Known as much for this Cuban heels as his flared trousers suits, daring colour and texture-clashes and crystal-encrusted walking sticks, Prince, the artist formerly known as, will long be one of our true style heroes.

    Sexy, endearing and madly wild, his style influence and charismatic style is one of his most notable lasting legacies.

    Going against the grain of both the music and fashion industry, he was never one to conform and that’s exactly why we love him. Adorned in sequinned jumpsuits or shirtless and sheathed in a pair of high-waisted skinny kick flare trousers, there was no fashion risk he was unwilling to make, whetherdonning a hat with chains covering his face as he took the stage or wearing full-on fringed pants . . . pre-Balmain of course.

    In memory of Prince’s unfiltered and unapologetic style, we’ve pulled together a photo retrospective of his most iconic fashion moments.

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