Five things your partner should look for in an engagement ring

If you’ve set your heart on something special, make sure your other half gets it right…

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If you’ve set your heart on something special, make sure your other half gets it right…

Remember that bit in Sex And The City where Aidan buys the wrong engagement ring for Carrie? We’ve nothing against pear-shaped stones or gold bands for that matter, but dropping some hints should make sure you end up with a ring you’ll want to wear forever.

We asked fine British jewellery experts Mappin & Webb, whose expertise is based on the knowledge and experience of their master craftsmen, to give us some pointers on choosing a diamond engagement ring...

Remember size matters Make sure your partner knows your ring size. If you don't know what it is, pop into a jeweller to find out – or give them a ring that fits on the right finger.

Check the carat weight, colour and clarity These characteristics of a diamond often come evaluated by GIA (Gemological institute of America) one of the leading diamond laboratories in the world. The MW Collection engagement rings from Mappin & Webb uses diamonds in varying carat weights, and each one comes with its own GIA diamond grading report and has a unique GIA reference inscribed on the girdle of the stone verifying its quality and authenticity.

How to get the sparkliest of all The way a diamond is cut is critical to its brilliance, as even the best stone will look less luminous if it’s poorly cut. For true sparkle factor, our tip is head to Mappin & Webb – the superb quality of the exquisite cushion-cut diamond in The MW Collection has 75 meticulously handcrafted facets that maximise its brilliance. It’s the company's brightest, most beautiful stone yet and the global leader in rating light performance, GemEx, scores it very highly consistently for brilliance (white light), fire (colour light) and sparkle (scintillation).

A classic design Not sure your significant other will cut it in the style stakes? Put the feelers out to a friend who can guide him or her towards a classic and beautiful ring. Or simply direct them to a jeweller you trust and like. Mappin & Webb can even create a bespoke engagement ring with their By Appointment service, the design overseen by the Crown Jeweller.

Look at all the options The MW Collection, featuring the Mappin & Webb exclusive diamond, offers a plain shoulder engagement ring, a diamond-set shoulder engagement ring, or a three-stone diamond engagement ring. And with Christmas around the corner, now’s the time to pair it with a diamond pendant and stud earrings or drop earrings for a classic, simple jewellery collection that will stand the test of time.