This Is How The Backstage Pros Broke ALL The Beauty Rules At Paris Fashion Week

The top experts backstage broke the beauty rules and got super-creative with make-up. We've seen everything now...

Nailed It

Where: Vivienne Westwood

How: Marianne Newman inventively used a MAC eye palette backstage at Vivienne Westwood. She massaged shades of brown eyeshadow into the nails and finished with a MAC matte clear topcoat for hands that are ‘used to work’.

Give It Some Lip

Where: AF Vandevorst

How: Instead of generically using your fingers or the lipstick bullet to apply, use an eyeshadow brush like the make-up artists did at AF Vandevorst with a MAC favourite Ruby Woo. The effect was a blurred red lip that’s much softer. A classic couture shade but with a modern, more wearable edge.

What A Cheek

Where: Veronique Leroy

How: Get your money’s worth out of your favourite blusher by using it on your lips too. Alex Box used MAC Sheer Blush in Blush Baby to give a natural flush to the lips. However, powder is very drying so make sure you apply to well conditioned, balmed lips to avoid any uncomfortable dryness.

Eyebrow Raising

Where: Haider Ackermann

How: It’s an extreme concept but the MAC make-up artists used cut hairbands at Haider to create graphic brows which they attached with eyelash glue. Who knew the endless possibilities of a simple hair elastic…

Lipstick Queen

Where: Vanessa Bruno

How: We all knew lipstick could be used on the cheeks as well as the lips but Lucia Pieroni didn’t stop there. Using it over the bridge on the nose and chin created a “ruddy look”, the skin radiated a beautiful warmth.

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