Paris Fashion Week AW14: Which Hairstyle Tribe Do You Belong To?

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  • It's said that eyes are the windows to your soul - but, backstage at Paris Fashion Week, top stylists reckon it's hairstyle that reveals who you really are...

    Little Miss Classic

    Where: Maison Martin Margiela

    Who: In the words of Guido himself, this is for a ‘quiet, very understated but very stylish woman. Mothers may wear their hair like this in an English country house.’

    How: Understated glamour takes a lot of skill. The way the hair falls on the side with a touch of volume is very classic, especially as the hair hangs more loosely in the knot. It’s the ‘mature way’ to do a knot, says Guido, rather than having hair tight and gelled. Guido’s advice is to ‘use a wax to give the hair some texture and thicken it up, then Redken Flex to give a little bit more texture and finish with Redken 23, as always, to give it the lasting hold’.

    The Workaholic
    Where: Christian Dior

    Who: This is for the woman who does everything – juggling work, family and friends. ‘She is busy and very urban,’ says Guido.

    Blow dry straight back with a satin serum like the Redken Satinwear 02 to get it really flat and even on the top with no parting. Then place a large Alice band over the hair to keep the hair back and in place. Once the hair is set, you can take off the band and finish with Redken forcefull 22 Hairspray to really hold the shape. The result? A very wearable but chic style that anyone can do.

    The Power Woman

    Where: AF Vandevorst

    Who: For the perfectionists among us.

    How: At AF Vandevorst it was all about poker straight hair with a just off-centre part for a softer finish. Blow dry hair until it is bone dry and then section to straighten. Start with the underneath layers and gradually blend to the top. Hairspray each layer as you go to hold. Finish with a serum through the layers to stop the ends from drying out and splitting.

    The Socialite

    Where: Haider Ackermann

    Channeling Diana Vreeland, this is for the over eccentric, fashion-driven society girls. A word of warning – it’s high maintanence!

    How: The word backstage was to ‘use hair like a fabric’ and weave it like you would a material. Using inspiration from the 1920s, hair was taut and neat with the effect of a turban. Using something like Wella Perfect Setting Eugene flatten hair so there’s no frizz, volume or weight. Then tuck hair under itself using lots of hairspray and grips to hold. By placing three Alice bands asymmetrically across the head, the hair and material blend together and gives the desired effect of a turban. This is definitely a high maintenance look but incredibly elegant.

    The Outdoor Girl
    Where: Vanessa Bruno

    Who: Inspired by female pilots, hair hung in loose tendrils. This is for the girls who have no time to spend fussing over lotions and potions and just want clean, no nonsense hair.

    How: When hair is wet tilt the head back and blow dry hair whilst pulling the hair back through your fingers starting from the roots. Use little or no product and shake hair into its natural part. Its as simple as that!

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