Meet The Atomics: Everything You Need To Know About Fashion’s New ‘It’ Family

Lucky Blue, Daisy Clementine, Pyper America and Queen Starlie are siblings. And this is your ultimate guide to their stratospheric success…

The Atomics
The Atomics

Lucky Blue, Daisy Clementine, Pyper America and Queen Starlie are siblings. And this is your ultimate guide to their stratospheric success…

Some families have all the luck. They’re born to be big – all high cheekbones, fat wallets and facial symmetry. Their parents lock past scandals up in the office safe, school is a necessary stopgap before success, and photo albums display model headshots through the ages - next to a rare Mario Testino portrait of the (now-deceased) family dog.

And then, just when you were about to launch into a Twitter rant about inheritance tax and genetic privilege, before glaring in the direction of the Delevingnes/Hiltons/Kardashians and giving up on life altogether, you find the Smiths.

Nope, for once in our life, we’re not talking about Will, Jada, Jaden and Willow. We’re not even talking about the family who live two doors down from your mum in Yorkshire. We’re talking about Daisy, Lucky, Pyper and Starlie – the four siblings from Utah who are all signed to Next Models, play in a band called The Atomics, and have (collectively) 1.8 million instagram followers. All the while sharing a bedroom and being home-schooled.

And if that wasn’t enough achievement for one day, they also look like the Malfoys.

LUCKY BLUE (Born 1998) “I have never, in all my years as an agent, seen a response like this to a male model,” says Lucky’s agent, Mimi Yapor. And while the teenager isn’t making millions just yet, it’s on the horizon. After all, he’s already walked for Tom Ford, Fendi and Jeremy Scott – not to mention appearing in campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, GAP and H&M. He was raised Mormon, and has promised to abstain from sex until marriage, but still finds the time to meet up with his fans on a regular basis – organizing meet-and-greets over Instagram that draw hundreds of girls across the country, all for a selfie’s sake.

On time management... ‘We’re working on our first album as a band. It’s kinda crazy because right now I’m in Europe doing fashion week and my two sisters are in LA writing with our Dad and Pyper’s in New York for fashion week, but she’s recording her harmonies over there and sending them through, then I’m flying to New York for fashion week, too.’

On achieving success so young... ‘We kept getting called back. Next were setting up all these meetings with people about reality TV shows and Nickelodeon shows, but I just wanted to go to the beach.’

On his fans... ‘I don’t want to be one of those kids who gets famous and then changes and becomes cocky. That’s why it’s so important to me to try and take a photo with every girl who comes to see me. I don’t really get why they seem to like me so much, but if I can make them feel happy by sticking around and that makes their day better, then what’s an extra 30 minutes to me? What else am I going to be doing?”

On his followers... 'I don’t know if any famous people follow me. But their daughters definitely do.'

On his ideal date... ‘I like a girl with a good personality that I can have fun with. If I am taking you out on a date, let’s eat burgers and cheese fries.’

PYPER AMERICA (Born 1997) Bassist in The Atomics, and quickly catching up with Lucky in the social media stakes, Pyper's big-eyed, quirky look is getting her fashion campaign after fashion campaign.

On her look... ‘I would never go black with my hair. Actually I changed my mind. I would dye my hair black because it would be really dramatic, and my sister has her hair black, and I think she looks so good.’

On music... ‘If I could play bass in any other band or group, I think it would be Maroon 5.’

On homesickness... ‘Something that I miss when I’m away from the west coast is the beach, for sure. I haven’t really gone to the beach on the east coast. Do they exist?’

On fangirling... ‘If I had to pick somebody to play me in a movie about my life, I would pick Emma Stone. I love her. She’s like, funny… sometimes people say I look like her. She’s like, big eyes, weird looking… So I would choose her. She’s so rad. And she pulls off every hair colour.’

DAISY CLEMENTINE (Born 1996) Daisy was the first member of the Smith family to be signed up to Next Models, after she was spotted at the age of 12. She was formally signed two years later, and has modeled fulltime ever since – all the while trying to launch an acting career and playing lead guitar in The Atomics.

On The Atomics ‘We played our first show six years ago but we all got instruments for Christmas a few years before that. There isn't really a huge story on the name, it won the vote in our brainstorming session so we went with it.’

QUEEN STARLIE CHEYENNE (Born 1994) The only member of the family deemed too short for the catwalk (she’s only 5ft3, in comparison to Pyper and Daisy’s 5ft10 and 5ft10.5 respectively), eldest sibling Starlie has appeared in ads for GAP, and is the lead singer of The Atomics.

On fame... ‘I just really want to be famous. I just really love music and performing. Having the next show is what motivates me. And the shows just keep getting better.’

On the band... ‘We started off playing instrumental surf music but wanted to create our own sound with vocals. We like rad bass and drum grooves and surfy reverb guitar influence.’

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