Susie Lau tells us everything we need to know about “Volez Voguez Voyagez” the new Louis Vuitton exhibition in Shanghai.

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  • Vuitton lovers, listen up! The newest Louis Vuitton exhibition, Volez Voguez Voyagez has just opened in Shanghai and is a veritable treasure trove all all things Vuitton. Retracing Louis Vuitton’s great journey from 1854, starting with a portrait of a young Louis Vuitton by Chinese artist Yan Pei-Ming, expect to see everything from custom made trunks, portraits and some of the most exquisite custom-made dresses made for the red carpet. Susie Lau attended the opening and documented her trip exclusively for us. Read on to find out her highlights from the exhibition and what she’s up to next.

    What are you wearing for the event?

    I am so happy to wear an outfit from the Cruise 19 collection which I loved!  And yes I can bounce around all night long in these thigh high trainer boots.

    How did you decide to do you make up for the event?

    I have statement outfit and shoes on, I decided to go for a classic make-up style. A subtle eyeliner/eyeshadow action was perfect for the opening of the Louis Vuitton Volez, Voguez Voyagez exhibition.


    Who did you hang around with?

    These trips are always great because I have the chance to re-connect with old friends. I loved hanging out with the beautiful Yoyo Cao @yoyokulaka, Chinese stylist/ fashion personality Leaf Greener and Aleali May @alealimay.

    What did you have for dinner?

    The first night I had dinner with Yoyo at a Sichuan fusion restaurant Dao Jiang Hu. It was delicious!

     The day of the event, we went to Sense 8 for lunch. Honestly these were some of the plumpest and most luxurious dim sum I’ve ever had.

     Finally, It was a surreal final dinner, I sat with Jaden Smith to my left and Chinese up and coming rapper Lexie Liu to my right. It was a fabulous ending to the trip.

    What are you favourite moments at the exhibition?

    Oh there are so many…

     The venue! It was an incredible space inside the Shanghai Exhibition Centre, which was built by the Russians in 1950s.

    It was great to see a close-up of the custom made Louis Vuitton gown Alicia Vikander wore to the Oscars in 2016, where she won Best Actress.


    Obviously the Cat’s pyjamas from the Grace Coddington’s latest collab with LV which I saw at the Cruise 19 show this summer! 

    There was the Cheongsam inspired dress from one of Marc Jacobs collections for LV, which was great to see in person.

     I couldn’t stop taking photos of the Shanghai-specific lantern which decorated the entrance to the VVV exhibition. The after party took inspiration from this and had more LV monogrammed lanterns inside where the Chinese mega idol Kris Wu performed.

     Artist, He An’s Neon sign that read “Dream With the Wish to Create Desire”

    Leaving the exhibition and where off to next?

    Ending the night in a digital backdrop photo booth that also featured the beautiful Bund skyline of Shanghai.  Itching to get back to London but sadly no rest for the wicked as I’m flitting between Milan and Paris for the next few weeks…

    Louis Vuitton will showcase “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez – Louis Vuitton”
    at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, an iconic historical building in the center of the city, from 16th November 2018 to 1st February 2019.



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