kate bosworth style secrets

Kate Bosworth’s 5 surprising fashion secrets

Here’s how you can dress like the style icon.

Words by Penny Goldstone

When Kate Bosworth, she of the impeccable style CV, wants to share her style tips, we sit up and listen.

After gracing the front row at Marc Cain’s show during Berlin Fashion Week, the model and actress shared the fashion rules she always abides by, and they might just surprise you…

Don’t skimp on quality

While it might be tempting to buy into a passing trend, Kate says, ‘For me, it’s the importance of quality and timelessness, that’s carried on with me not only in fashion but in anything artistic that I do.’

Dress according to feelings rather than trends

There’s no such thing as one set style, says Kate, ’it just comes down to a feeling, sometimes you want to hide and sometimes you want to stand out and wear a red dress or something.’

Ditch the heels

You definitely won’t see Kate in heels come Fashion Week, as she very reasonably sticks to styles she can walk in: ‘A must-have in fashion week is comfortable shoes. I see people that are champions, teetering around in stilettos, but I’m a 3, 3.5 inch at the most to run around in.’

Mix and match

‘It’s important to know that you can buy a shirt that can go with that skirt but they’re not exactly the same, that’s really important when purchasing clothing,’ reveals Kate.

Don’t sacrifice your comfort for style

Sometimes, the best choice is whatever you feel comfortable in, like the gorgeous floral dress the model wears in the video, which is her favourite piece from Marc Cain’s new collection.

She says, ‘It’s important to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. The times that I’ve regretted wearing something, I’ve been tugging at it, feeling like a three-year-old kid, not comfortable in my own skin.’

Watch the full interview below:

And here is a little sneak peek at Marc Cain’s Berlin Fashion Wee runway show, with our favourite looks.

marc cain

We don’t know about you, but we’ll be putting those tips to good use!

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