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This is what it’s really like to be at New York Fashion Week 2017

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  • Erin and Sara Foster reveal all.

    If you don’t already know Erin and Sara Foster, aka the Foster sisters, then you’re missing out, big time.

    Sara Foster is an actress and model you might have spotted in the Beverly Hills 90210 reboot, and her sister Erin is a comedy writer and performer who just nails those one liners.

    They’re a bit of Hollywood royalty too, once removed from the Kardashians (their first stepmother is Brody and Brandon Jenner’s mother), and closely linked to Bella and Gigi Hadid (their second stepmother is Yolanda).

    More importantly, they’re the creators and co-stars of the hilarious Barely Famous mockumentary, that sheds an interesting light on Hollywood.

    Now they’ve taken over New York Fashion Week in their new #PrettyInfluential series with THE OUTNET.COM (scroll down for the latest episode), to show us what it’s really like at the fashion event of the season. Hint: It’s not as glamorous as you might think.

    We also chatted to the girls to find out all the NYFW secrets…

    What is it really like to attend NYFW?

    ERIN: I’ve noticed that people have a better sense of humour about fashion than I expected them to. I’ve been intimidated by people who work in the industry, but now that we are running around poking fun at it, they’re in on the joke more than I thought they would be. I mean, trends are so ridiculous! If you think something looks bad but then someone tells you it’s a trend, you immediately say its chic?!

    SARA: Honestly, it’s a lot more fun and a lot less intimidating than I was expecting. People are so much friendlier and more welcoming than I was prepared for. I think ‘fashion’ has a reputation for being a bit scary and it couldn’t be further from my experience.

    What has been your worst fashion mistake at shows?

    ERIN: Well, I’ve been to one so far because this is my first fashion week (I try to steer clear of models as a rule). We went in with a camera crew poking fun at ourselves and the people who live to sit front row, and everyone welcomed the joke. It was really fun and I wondered why no one at any point asked if I was walking in the show.

    SARA: I didn’t prepare for the snow and slush. Being from LA you forget that sometimes you have to ‘dress for weather’. I definitely ruined a few pairs of shoes and long pants on this trip and walked into shows with a red nose and wet, stained clothing and shoes.

    And your most amazing fashion moment?

    ERIN: The day my fashion became a little more elevated was when I started investing in nice coats. I dress really casually, and when I finally splurged on a Stella McCartney camel coat I suddenly looked so much better at night! Now I probably wear it too much. But it shook things up for me.

    SARA: A pair of flared Ellery trousers with tights and Marni sequined shoes that I wore to the Milly show from THE OUTNET.COM.

    Tell us something surprising that people don’t know about Fashion Week.

    ERIN: Probably that the whole thing is over in 15 minutes. You sit down and before you know it everyone is clapping and walking out. Get in and get out. I respect it.

    SARA: Don’t organise your day around the schedule. No show starts on time.

    Who would be on your ultimate front row?

    ERIN: Anna [Wintour] obviously… even though I don’t live or die by fashion, I still want her approval in general. And then maybe a couple of Hemsworth brothers, Charlie Hunnam… basically no other hot girls. The models are enough.

    SARA: Larry David, Gisele, Beyoncé, Elizabeth Warren and Ina Garten. Got a little something for everyone with that lineup.

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