Alessandra Garcia in the Marina Rinaldi campaign

Alessandra Garcia: ‘The range of body types in fashion is growing’

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  • The model and new face of Marina Rinaldi talks style, LA life and why the term 'plus-size' is starting to feel old fashioned

    The model daughter of actor Andy Garcia is the face of Marina Rinaldi’s new campaign. Watch Alessandra Garcia in the exclusive behind-the-scenes video (below) and find out why she thinks we should focus on style not size. 

    You’ve been called a “plus-size model” – but do you think the term is a bit outdated now? 

    ‘Yeah I think so, I think the range of body types in fashion is growing so much that it’s not so black and white anymore. It’s not “oh this is a ‘normal’ size model and this is a plus size model” because there’s so much in between. They even call them “in-betweenies” – people who are somewhere between a zero and a size 16, though size 16 is really the average.’

    Do you think the focus should be on style rather than size?

    ‘Women are focused on this number, either on the label of their jeans or on the scales, instead of actually focusing on the good, healthy differences in everybody. Also, clothing sizes vary so much depending on the brand. I thinks it’s just more important to find clothes you feel good in.’

    Alessandra with the photographer Ellen Von Unwerth

    Alessandra with Marina Rinaldi campaign photographer Ellen Von Unwerth

    How would you describe your style?

    ‘I think my style is pretty classic but with a funky twist, so something with an interesting detail that still has a classic silhouette.’

    You’re the face of Marina Rinaldi. What are your favourite pieces?

    ‘The coats are amazing. The brand does a great job of adding lots of details to everything so you don’t have to wear much with them. In general I just think it’s a great high-quality clothing line for curvy women, which is still far too hard to find.’

    Alessandra with the photographer Ellen Von Unwerth

    Alessandra with Marina Rinaldi campaign photographer Ellen Von Unwerth

    As you have to wear a lot of make-up for work, do you keep it quite natural when you’re off duty?

    ‘Totally. I don’t like to wear a lot of make-up; it’s just not needed. I do enjoy putting on make-up when it’s a night out or a party, but day-to-day I keep it very simple. I wear what models call ‘masking’ make-up, so just concealer and a little mascara, but nothing much else.’

    You grew up in LA but live in New York. Which city do you feel most at home in?

    ‘I definitely feel like LA is my home, it’s where and grew up and my family’s still there. But New York has always sort of been a second home. I went to university here and I work here, so to me it’s that kind of mindset.’

    Alessandra Garcia in Marina Rinaldi campaign

    Alessandra Garcia in Marina Rinaldi campaign

    Where do you like to hang out in LA?

    ‘I had a different experience of LA than a lot people because I grew up in The Valley, which is like the suburbs. I definitely like to hang out more on the east side of LA, like Silver Lake and Echo Park, where a lot of my friends now live. I probably spend more time there than in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.’

    Where do you like to eat?

    ‘There are these amazing fish tacos from this truck called Ricky’s Fish Tacos. They’re the best tacos you’ll ever have. I had them cater my birthday because I love them so much.’

    Describe your ideal Saturday in LA?

    ‘Probably hanging by the pool if it’s a hot summer day, then going to a restaurant that I really love called Little Dom’s. Then on a night out there’s this fun Cuban dance place called La Descarga.’

    What about working out?

    ‘In LA I’ll usually do a hike. But if I’m in New York there’s nowhere to hike so I like to go to SoulCycle, which is a new thing for me. Dancing with my friends is also a great workout too.’

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