7 New Fashion Bloggers Really Worth Taking Notice Of

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  • We’ve rounded up 7 new fashion bloggers who find a way of actually making our lives a bit better. Bookmark these guys...

    1. A Portable Package

    Irina Lakicevic started A Portable Package to enable her to tap into the fashion industry, despite being a dentist. It’s maybe this alternate lifestyle which gives her such an interesting take on the fashion world, she says: ‘Peeking into the fashion world is like looking at reality through a distorted mirror at a fun house’. She photographs her changeable, uncategorisable and timeless style, waiting for the moment when ‘a look turns out in the photo exactly as you have envisioned it.’ We look forward to her blog overhaul in April. Watch this space…

    Her favourite blogs:
    ‘I love Elin Kling, Columbine Smile and The Man Repeller.’

    2. Ponyhunter

    Laura Allard-Fleischl is clear that her blog, Ponyhunter, focuses largely on image quality. ‘I don’t follow trends or write lengthy articles so I hope it’s the aesthetical pleasantness that draws people to it.’ Indeed it does, her composition and eye for colour is impeccable. Quite the opposite of embracing the “blogger” label, she is worried that the stigma will jeopardise a serious photography career. Judging by her slick photographer’s eye, we doubt it.

    Her favourite blog: ‘Margaret Zhang’s Shine By Three is incredibly beautiful.’

    3. Helen Glory

    Helen Glory was started by two friends, Claudia Helen and Francis Glory, to showcase some of their handmade accessories, but it quickly ‘evolved into a space where we could indulge in some of our weirder ideas, like home-made photoshoots and films’. The “Dress Up” section of their blog is particularly unusual. Claudia says: ‘People tap into a fun childish side and people like the fact that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.’ The result: An entertaining read with genuinely good outfit inspiration.

    Their favourite blogs: ‘We are both huge fans of Love Aesthetics and have been reading her blog for a few years now. The blog of designer Charlie May is also very inspiring. Frou Frouu is also a great place to turn for incredibly atmospheric photography.’

    4. Love Aesthetic

    Love Aesthetic’s Ivania Carpio loves white (and black and grey). Her blog and Instagram pages are pretty much the most fresh, crisp, minimalist thing we’ve ever seen. It’s like how you’d imagine heaven. The best thing about it? Probably her hair and the shots of her white bedroom. You’ll never have seen anything like it. Oh, and also the fact that it makes you want to be tidier and paint everything white (though it’s only sensible to act on the former).

    5. Where Did U Get That

    Where Did U Get That is a fun twist on the usual street style blogs. Karen Blanchard, who had moved to America from London, started her blog when she was “dying a slow death at my desk every day”. As a New York newbie, she didn’t know where to shop, so set about finding, ‘not the big name stores, but those cool boutiques squirreled away across the city that a newcomer like me longed to know about.’ Despite now being a full-time fashion blogger, her take on styling remains fresh and fun: ‘I hope that people still get inspired to play with their clothes and accessories, combining things a little differently or considering items that they otherwise wouldn’t.’

    Her favourite blogs:
    ‘I have a few such as All The Pretty Birds, Carolines Mode, Shit Bloggers Wear Tumblr (cracks me up!).’

    6. Shine By Three

    Writer, photographer, stylist, consultant and law student (wow) Margaret Zhang started Shine By Three “not knowing there were other personal style sites around – it was purely a space for [her] to upload inspiration, celebrate personal shopping scores, obsess over Paris Fashion Week collections, and escape to a creative world beyond high school routine.” It is a compilation of huge and truly beautiful pictures, of herself and others in various stylish scenarios across the world, as well as articles, interviews and heads-up on new jewellery, fashion brands and collaborations. We love it.

    Her favourite blog: ‘I adore Luxirare – such a fantastic high-fashion combination of luxe food and even more luxe fashion.’

    7. Park & Cube

    Shini Park’s Park & Cube is a work of blogger art. Though she covers all subjects, from gardens to gadgets, fashion and beautiful aesthetics is the backbone of it all. Our favourite thing about it is the sheer variation of the imagery. As well as (seriously good) blogger-esque shots, there’s eclectic street style, still life and editorial-quality pieces.

    Her favourite blogs: ‘I love Wish Wish Wish, Gary Pepper Girl and Shine by Three.’

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