I just asked my fellow Marie Claire editors what they'll be adding to their wardrobes in 2024 – here's what they said

New year, new style resolutions

new years style resolutions
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The New Year offers a great opportunity to start anew in all aspects of life – perhaps you'll be trying a new hobby, switching up your workouts, or trying to spent more time with your nose in a book and away from your phone.

As a fashion editor, I think 1st January is also an excellent time to start thinking about ways you can breathe new life into your wardrobe. This might involve a much-needed cull, in which you donate, sell and lend old favourites that aren't serving you anymore. (That's my resolution, as I write this surrounded by overspill from my buckling wardrobe.)

Alternatively, you might consider investing in one or two new pieces that you'll treasure all year, and for many to come. You may be vowing to wear more colour (as a maximalist, I wholeheartedly approve), or paring things back to a uniform of elevated basics.

Need inspiration? I quizzed the Marie Claire team on what they'll be investing in for 2024, and what their New Year's style resolution will be. Here's what they said.

Penny Goldstone, Contributing Fashion Editor

My style resolution: 'For the past couple of years I've tried to take a more conscious approach to shopping, by buying less but better. I'll carry on doing this in the New Year by saving up and only buying one or two choice items a month, focusing on quality and timelessness.'

On my wish list: 'No one does elevated essentials quite like Jonathan Anderson for Loewe, and the new Pebble bucket bag is my dream item for 2024.'

Shannon Lawlor, Executive Beauty Editor

My style resolution: 'My fashion resolution this year is to stick to the comfortable pieces I know I'll actually get wear out of. I have a habit of buying things that I don't find comfortable or easy to wear, meaning they just sit in my wardrobe for years until I eventually pluck up the courage to give them away or sell them.

Things like basic leather handbags without embellishments (because they always get caught in my super-long hair), soft woolly jumpers that aren't itchy, baggy jeans that are looser around the waist and oversized jackets that I can throw over anything. In 2024, I'm set to enter my luxe comfort era.'

On my wish list: 'I splurged on a Toteme coat a few years ago and wore it to death thanks to its comfort, chicness and versatility. I had to say a sorrowful goodbye after it became victim to a traumatic carpet beetle infestation, but I'm finally emotionally ready to invest in another one. Now I just need to be financially ready.'

Sofia Piza, Producer

My style resolution: 'In 2024 I want to support small brands. I've recently discovered the Salad Days market, which is an independent pop-up market that highlights small businesses with an aim of connecting them directly to their audience. I absolutely adored getting to interact with small business owners and get to have one-on-one conversations about their incredible work on my last visit. So for next year, I want to make a conscious effort to attend more independent seller markets and invest in more small businesses.'

On my wish list: 'I'm obsessed with signet rings and this number from Sken Studios is at the top of my wish list. It's sustainable, quirky, and the perfect piece to support a small business that champions craftsmanship and stands proud with its environmental credentials. A total win in my eyes.'

Ally Head, Senior Health & Sustainability Editor

My style resolution: 'My New Year's style resolution is to get my items repaired more. While I've taken a few items to my local dry cleaners and cobblers this year, I often get too busy. Next year I'm going to make the time to give my old items a new lease of life – there's no better feeling than investing in items you already own and extending their life span.'

On my wish list: 'I have these Gucci loafers at home, a passed down gift from my Mum. I adore them, but they definitely need a resole in the New Year. That said, they're a great timeless investment if you are looking to add a classic shoe style to your rotation.'

Valeza Bakolli, Junior Shopping Editor

My style resolution: 'As a shopping editor, this might seem a little strange, but my New Year’s style resolution is to shop less – or rather, more mindfully. Shopping online for a living has made me hyper aware of just how wasteful shopping without purpose can be. The last thing I want to do is add more clutter to my already-bursting wardrobe, so I want every fashion purchase I make next year to be carefully chosen for its exceptional quality, versatility and timeless nature. 2024 might be the year I finally master my dream capsule wardrobe.'

On my wish list: 'I’m obsessed with red right now, and this cardigan from Reformation is the perfect true red shade. I can see myself wearing it in so many different ways, whether buttoned up and tucked into jeans, worn slung over my shoulders or paired with sleek grey tailoring. It’s made from 100% cashmere (90% of which is recycled), so fits in well with my New Year’s resolution to shop mindfully too.'

Katie Thomas, Senior Beauty Editor

Style resolution: 'My life at the moment is hectic - the small children living in my house have made it their mission to make my mornings as stressful as possible with their antics. Therefore, in the new year, I plan to be more organised. I want to make sure my outfits for the week are ready by Sunday evening. That way my days will start a little less fraught.'

Fashion wish list: 'It's seasons old, so I'm incredibly late to the party, but I am desperate to get my hands on the Ganni leopard print crossbody bag. I shall be searching the resale sites in earnest. Perhaps what I am is fashionably late?'

Natalie Hughes, Fashion Editor

Style resolution: 'As much as I love quiet luxury on others, the things that get me excited about getting dressed in the morning are those offbeat, statement pieces that I've collected over the years – everything from flower-appliquéd '70s maxi dresses to '90s Chanel finds I've hunted down on resale sites. This year, I want to buy less but invest in two or three of these rare, extra-special items.'

Fashion wish list: 'Archival Prada is my catnip. This incredible organza top is from the house's Spring/Summer 2008 'Fairy' collection, and there really is something otherworldly about it. I'd like to wear it with slouchy jeans and velvet ballet flats. I'd better start saving...'

Fashion Editor

Natalie Hughes is Fashion Editor at Marie Claire UK. She has worked as a fashion journalist and content consultant for 16 years, crafting copy and content for magazines and brands including Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Net-a-Porter, Who What Wear, Matches, Glamour, and more.