These are our unanswered questions from creepy thriller series You

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    There’s one series on everyone’s minds right now, Lifetime’s You.

    The series follows Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), a New York bookstore manager who, in a nutshell, becomes obsessed with an acquaintance, kills the people around her, and then when she finds out, kills her.

    Apologies in advance for spoilers.

    But it’s not just the creepy AF story arcs that are keeping You on our minds, it’s the open-ended plot lines too, leaving us with a lot of questions.

    If you’re halfway through and hoping for a conclusive finish, we hate to break it to you but you’re out of luck.

    Sure, the final episode tied up a lot of loose ends – Beck’s twisted fate, Ron’s death and what Joe was hiding in his bathroom ceiling, but what about everything else?

    How hasn’t Joe been caught on CCTV yet? Where did the jar of wee (AKA evidence) go? And what happened to Candace?

    We understand that they’re holding a lot back for season two, but come on, we’re dying over here.


    Guinevere Beck. Netflix

    These are some of our most burning unanswered questions…

    1. What happened to Candace?

    We knew that Candace had disappeared, and Joe being Joe, we all assumed that he had killed her. But now that she’s angrily rocked up to confront him, we don’t know what to think. In the book, Joe killed Candace on Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach after she broke up with him, something he later recalled as he murdered Peach. So, what’s going on? Did she pretend to die, or has the plot completely changed??

    2. How has CCTV not caught Joe out?

    CCTV is all over New York, so how – we repeat HOW – has he not been caught on camera committing any one of his multiple murders or stalking people. Moments when he should have got caught include when Joe pushed Candace’s lover off the roof of a building, when he snuck into Peach’s estate (which would surely have cameras), when he attacked her in Central Park, and of course when he pulled a gun on Beck’s therapist in the street!! For the vast majority of these crimes, he was just wearing a baseball cap – that’s not disguising you, lonely boy!


    Joe Goldberg. Netflix

    3. What happened to the jar of wee?

    Remember the jar of wee that Joe left when stalking Beck and Peach at the Salinger estate? You know, the one he planned to come back for and then forgot, and ended up killing Peach? What happened to it? The detective said that something had been found and was being tested for DNA, but we have heard nothing since. THAT’S THE EVIDENCE.

    4. Who has been running Candace’s Instagram account?

    After voicing her concerns around Candace’s mysterious disappearance (should have gone with your gut, Beck), Joe showed her Candace’s Instagram page, filled with up-to-date selfies of her in Italy and laughing with friends. But what does it all mean? Is Joe running her Instagram account and showing off his photoshop skills? It wouldn’t be the first time! Or, is Candace actually running her own account?

    5. Why did Karen leave so suddenly?

    Karen and Joe’s break up had to be one of the weirdest in TV history. We all try to play it relatively cool while we’re getting dumped, but there’s a difference between playing it cool and happily leaving minutes after being told the news, suitcase-in-hand. Seriously, what was that about? The most common theory – she knows that Joe is dangerous. We’ve got a feeling we’re going to see her again in season two.


    Peach Salinger. Netflix

    6. What’s with the policeman calling about the number plate?

    Remember the policeman who caught Joe after his car crash but them let him go after getting an invitation on Joe’s pretend uncle’s boat? What’s going on with him? He didn’t seem convinced by his phone conversation with Joe, so now what? We’ve got a feeling he’s going to reappear.

    7. Why couldn’t the therapist prove his innocence?

    Dr Nicky (Beck and Joe’s therapist) gets accused of Beck’s murder, with Joe using the story that Beck fabricated for him as a way of getting off. But how? Why didn’t the therapist have an alibi and how couldn’t he prove his innocence? Maybe he will in the next series.

    8. Why is no one looking for Ron?

    OK, Ron was awful, but still, why is no one looking for him? He surely hasn’t turned up to work in ages. Claudia (Paco’s mum) just shrugged off his disappearance despite essentially being in a relationship with him – does she know? There’s a mass murderer on the run people – it couldn’t be a coincidence!



    9. Why did Beck’s friends go along with the story of her death?

    After Beck’s murder was revealed, her friends confirmed all of Joe’s stories, claiming that Peach had wanted Beck to leave her therapist so he could have killed her too. The issue however is that Beck started seeing her therapist after Peach’s murder, who why are they covering for Joe? Could he be forcing them? Or are they just after the fame? Only time will tell.

    Do we really have to wait until September to find all of this out? We don’t think we can bear it!

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