This Varys ring theory could affect the Game of Thrones finale

Spoilers ahead

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Game of Thrones season 8 has divided fans. Some are here for Arya taking down the Night King and Daenerys going all Mad Queen on King's Landing. Others are furious about Cersei's death by rubble and Jaime's character arc also being crushed (although there is a theory that he's still alive).

The most popular theory circulating at the moment is that Dany is going to meet her maker in the final episode. There's evidence that Arya's white horse signifies the end for the Mother of Dragons, and that Jon might end up killing his aunt/lover.

Now, there's a new theory by Buzzfeed doing the rounds that supports the speculation that Dany's days are numbered - and it's all to do with Varys' ring.

Before he was scorched to death by her dragon, Varys removed his ring. So what? He had been asking one of his little birds, Martha, to infiltrate the kitchens and whether Dany had been eating, so many are assuming that he was trying to poison her. Game of Thrones has a history of characters using poison in jewels as a murderous accessory (Olena orchestrating Joffrey's death with a stone from Sansa's necklace, anyone?), so was his ring the poisonous piece of jewellery?

By removing it before his execution, is he leaving the ring behind for someone else to end Dany's life? Who could know where he put it? His pal Tyrion, maybe?

Either way, things are not looking good for Dany and her formerly loyal band of followers.

Only a few more days until the show wraps - and whether you've loved or loathed this season, one thing is for certain: the world will be tuning in to see who finally ends up on the Iron Throne.


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