Game of Thrones fans are really not happy with this character's death

Spoilers ahead for GoT season 8 episode 5

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Spoilers ahead for GoT season 8 episode 5

The world waited for almost two years to see how Game of Thrones would wrap up, and so far the final season has completely divided fans. While some people are here for Arya's impressive dagger manoeuvres and Sansa's sass, others are less than impressed by the 'rushed' storytelling and rogue coffee cups.

But one moment that would surely unite all fans is the long-awaited downfall of evil queen, Cersei Lannister - right?


Episode 5, The Bells, saw Jaime rushing back to his twin sister at King's Landing as Daenerys went all Mad Queen and burnt the city to the ground. Cersei and Jaime found themselves trapped before eventually getting squashed by falling rubble and dying in each other's arms.

Until this point, we were being led to believe that Arya would be taking taking advantage of her bag of faces to take Cersei down - before The Hound convinced the young Stark not to become consumed by revenge, and she decided to walk away.

However, some fans are less than impressed with Cersei's rather tame ending. Many were hoping she'd meet a grisly fate at the hands of Arya/Dany/Jaime himself, and they didn't think that death by bricks was appropriate.

'We waited 8 years for Cersei to be killed by a bunch of rocks?' one fan tweeted.

'Cersei’s death was the most unsatisfying thing I have ever seen,' another added.

Another fan tweeted: 'We really were debating over which Lannister was gonna end Cersei or which face Arya was gonna use... and the cause of death was rocks. I’m done with the theories honestly.'

Whether or not you wanted Cersei's death to be gorier, it did stay true to the prophecy that she would die at the hands of her brother - just not in the violent way that we all theorised.

So where does this leave Dany? Will she sit herself comfortably on the Iron Throne (assuming it's still standing), or will the Mad Queen meet her maker in the final episode?

Guess we'll have to wait until next week...

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