Tom Felton’s grandfather also appeared in Harry Potter and we can’t believe we missed it

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  • No matter how many years pass, the Harry Potter movies remain the perfect antidote to Monday dread when you’re curled up on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon. Accio a mug of tea and a blanket and you’ve got the ultimate combo.

    And even though the last instalment was released a decade ago (really), Potterheads are just as obsessed with the smaller details now as they were in the noughties.

    But one of the most mind-blowing facts about the movie franchise is that Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy, only actually had 31 minutes of screen time across all eight of the films. Shocked and horrified? Same.

    Because although he wasn’t exactly a good egg for the majority of Harry Potter, he eventually proved himself to be a goodie after all (the whole dabbling with Voldemort stuff aside).

    If you’re just as much of a Tom Felton fan, you’ll know that recently he has been sharing some stellar HP content on social media. Not only did he film himself watching the opening scenes of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on his Instagram account – and he got pretty emotional about it – he also organised a cast reunion over Zoom. Sweet.

    Now, Tom has provided another gem to fans. While he was attending Hogwarts as a student, his real-life grandfather was also there as a professor at the school of witchcraft and wizardry.

    Sorry – how did we miss this?

    He shared, ‘That’s my grandfather on the far right, right now!’ as he pointed him out during a scene with Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy entering the Great Hall for the first time. And who is sat next to the one and only Dumbledore? It’s only geophysicist Nigel Anstey, aka Tom’s actual grandpa.

    Minds. Blown.

    He also appears at a Quidditch match later on in the film.

    Because really, what’s a trip to the magical school if you can’t at least watch a game?

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