The next series of The Crown won’t focus on the Queen

It'll instead be more about Prince Philip. Interesting...

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It'll instead be more about Prince Philip. Interesting...

If you somehow managed to miss the binge-worthy series about The Queen, here's everything you need to know about royal Netflix show The CrownThe nation became pretty much became obsessed with actress Claire Foy, who played a young Queen Elizabeth, as well as her co-star Matt Smith.

And now, the show's creator, Peter Morgan has let slip that the second series of the show, rumoured to start in November, is going to focus more on the Prince, saying: 'its soul is about Prince Philip's complexity.'

And complicated he indeed was with the first series and Matt Smith's critically-acclaimed performance painting the Prince as fairly rebellious and argumentative at the beginning of their married life.

Quoted from his appearance at the Royal Television's Society's The Crown in London this week, the writer described Prince Philip as 'a strong flavour.'

'I find him extraordinarily interesting—his childhood, again, you couldn't make it up. The soul of season two is about his complexity,' he added.

But, that was the only spoiler that was revealed and there was absolutely no chat about whether Prince Philip's speculated affair would be covered in the show.

Yes, during the late Fifties there were rumours that the Duke of Edinburgh was seeing actress Pat Kirkwood and then later, TV star Katie Boyle. And, considering that the second series is based in 1956 up until 1964, it would make sense.

OK, now we really can't wait.

Delphine Chui