The Apprentice 2015: 10 Reasons We Can't Wait... In GIFs

We'll miss Nick Hewer, but Claude Littner will make for some excellent drama

We'll miss Nick Hewer, but Claude Littner will make for some excellent drama

Guys, it's finally time! The Apprentice 2015 will begin tonight, and it's been a long wait since Mark Wright, Daniel Lassman and Bianca Miller battled it out to win a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar - and providing us all with hours of entertainment in the process.

Each series differs from year to year, of course - but there are some things that always remain the same. The backstabbing, the bitching, the brutality - and we love watching every minute of it.

Here are some reasons why we can't wait for this season to kick off...

Lord Sugar

Source: BBC via Tumblr/nonstopultimate

Behind his clearly pre-rehearsed one liners and brutal firings is a big teddy bear just bursting to get out.

The Surprise Moments

Source: BBC via Tumblr/queenofthelizards

The double firings, the trips to Dubai - or even poor, innocent Jason being called back into the boardroom, you can never be quite sure about what's going to happen until the very end of each episode.

The Downright Weirdos

Source: BBC via Tumblr/luftangrepp

They might behave normally in the opening tasks, but just wait till the weeks go on, and you'll see that not every candidate is fully in possession of their marbles.

The Funny Boardroom Faces

Source: BBC via Tumblr/luftangrepp

We could normally rely on Nick Hewer to contort his face into simply wondrous expressions, but sadly, he's gone *sob*. Maybe Claude Littner will help us on that front - though he will probably be simply terrifying for the candidates and viewers alike.

The Hotties

Source: BBC via Tumblr/thomasgearing

There's always one hottie.. at least. Whether they ruin it or not with their cringeworthy one liners is up to them. 

The Ridiculous One Liners

Source: BBC via

Who knows what we'd say if we were constantly being filmed on no sleep and surrounded by a bunch of idiots? We'd probably say some stupid things - but we don't think we'd say this. 

The Judges

Source: BBC via

Part of the fun of the whole episode is watching the judges roll their eyes as the candidates blunder about making ridiculous mistakes - and delivering their exasperated verdicts to Lord Sugar in the boardroom.

The Withering Put-Downs

Source: BBC via Tumblr/luftangrepp

Anyone remember Katie Hopkins versus Adam Hosker in Series Three?

The Ridiculous Tasks

Source: BBC via Tumblr/youwillfindmeinthemorning

We laugh at them, ridicule them and quote them forevermore - but for all the candidates' failings, we really don't know if we'd be able to do any better when faced with some of their frankly impossible tasks. 

The Firings

Source: BBC via Tumblr/luftangrepp

As much as we'd love all the candidates to stay in that house forever and entertain us for the rest of our lives, firings do have to happen every week - and they're the most enjoyable part of every episode. 

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