Taylor Swift had a cameo in 13 Reasons Why and you never noticed

Sneaky, Selena. Sneaky.

taylor swift

Sneaky, Selena. Sneaky.

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Whether or not you've seen Netflix's most popular series ever, 13 Reasons Why, you'll have at least heard about it. Millions of us were hooked, cursing at Clay through the telly for being so slow at listening to the tapes, and weeping to ourselves weeks later thinking about how Jeff deserved better.

Selena Gomez produced the show based on the book by Jay Asher which sees its central character, Hannah Baker, commit suicide - leaving thirteen tapes for her schoolmates to explain exactly why she did it. It had millions of people across the world hooked as Hannah's story unravelled, and although the response wasn't entirely positive it did start a national conversation about mental health, which can only be a good thing.

It proved so popular that it's getting a second series (hurrah!) and we're hoping it ties up loose ends like Alex's fate, Tyler's gun, and Tony's insatiable love of leather jackets.

But before you get swept up in 13 (plus one?) Reasons Why there's something you should know. Selena's longtime BFF, Taylor Swift, actually had a cameo in the series and no one even noticed.

Oh, yes. The 1989 singer popped up in episode ten, and now we know thanks to this eagle-eyed Tumblr user.

13 Reasons Why

Kind of like that time Leonardo DiCaprio appeared in Room with Brie Larson, right?

How did no one spot it until now? Okay, it's just a background poster BUT considering that Taylor and Selena have been pals since forever it has to be a conscious decision.

And another excuse to watch the whole thing again to see if we can spot any other A-list cameos...

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