Peeves the poltergeist was actually in the first Harry Potter film

Say what?!

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Say what?!

There's nothing we love more than uncovering an unearthed secret about the Harry Potter movies.

Just recently we learnt the shocking reason why Crabbe was replaced in the last Harry Potter film, and not long before that we also found out that the final film was actually meant to contain a love triangle between these three characters - can you imagine?!

But did you know that everyone's favourite troublesome poltergeist, Peeves was actually in the first Harry Potter film?

Yes, the biggest disappointment for any die-hard Potterhead was undoubtedly the fact that Hogwart's notoriously naughty poltergeist, whose antics often caused great amusement in the novels, didn't make it to the on-screen adaptation of the books.

Or so we all thought.

It has since emerged that actor Rik Mayall was actually due to play Peeves and had filmed three weeks worth of scenes as the poltergeist, but later found out his part was cut during the movie's final edits.

Following the actor's death three years ago, a video interview has since been uncovered which shows the comedian describing his time on the set of the first Harry Potter film and explaining the director's decision behind the cut.

'I did it, I went and f***ing did it. I played the part of Peeves in Harry Potter,' he said.

Rik also explained that he would often get sent off the set for making the extras giggle during filming - so it really does sound like he was perfect for the role.

'A month later they said "Rik, sorry about this, you're not the film." But I still got the money,' he revealed.

'So that was the most exciting film I ever did, because I got the oodle and I wasn't in it. Fantastic.'

Rik did also reveal that he couldn't bring himself to tell his children he had been cut from what has since become a truly cult British film.