Matthew Goode: Your Need-To-Know On Downton's (Not So) New Man

Henry Talbot may be warming Lady Mary’s heart, but it's Matthew Goode who has us weak in the knees. Here’s everything you need to know about Downton Abbey’s new leading man…

Chasing Liberty
Chasing Liberty

Henry Talbot may be warming Lady Mary’s heart, but it's Matthew Goode who has us weak in the knees. Here’s everything you need to know about Downton Abbey’s new leading man…

Last weekend on Downton Abbey, everyone’s favourite Lady Mary seemed ready to move on from the tragic death of her late husband (RIP Matthew Crawley, sniff). The new romance comes courtesy of new heartthrob Henry Talbot, a dashing racecar driver played by the equally dashing Matthew Goode, who was first introduced in 2014’s Christmas Special.

Although we all can’t wait to see Mary get the happy ending she deserves, it’s Matthew Goode’s return to television that has set our pulses racing. A mainstay of television and film screens, Matthew has been working consistently in the biz since 2002, yet still seems to fall foul to that immortal line ‘where have I seen that guy before?’ line despite having a stellar line-up of big name productions under his belt.

So, with a major role on Downton Abbey’s final series, here’s everything you need to know about Downton’s (actually not really) New Man:

1. He LOVES playing the romantic lead…

From Chasing Liberty to Leap Year, Matthew has quite the reputation as a romantic leading man. He’s romanced everyone from Mandy Moore, to Amy Adams and even Colin Firth, as the ill-fated partner to Firth’s closeted English professor in A Single Man. He even graced American television screens as a love interest for Julianna Margulies in the legal drama, The Good Wife.

2. But isn’t afraid to show his dark side

With a tall, lean frame and an intellectual poise, Hollywood can’t get enough of Matthew and frequently cast him as the quintessential movie villain. While Zack Snyder’s Watchmen showed how great Matthew could rationalise murder – it’s his turn as creepy-yet-sensual Uncle Charlie in Stoker that proved just how good Matthew can be as the baddie.

Source: Tumblr/heckyesmatthewgoode

3. He’s down for a good period film

This writer’s first experience with the Goode train came after watching the unbelievably sexy adaptation of Brideshead Revisited. Matthew looks right at home in the Evelyn Waugh classic, as he navigates the world of English nobility in 1920s England, while fielding advances from men and women alike.

4. And he loves him some Jane Austen

Of course, Matthew wouldn’t be a true British actor without taking part in at least one Jane Austen adaptation. In 2013, Matthew starred as the nefarious George Wickham in BBC’s spin-off series, Death Comes To Pemberley, where Wickham stood on trial for murder.

5. He’s pretty much in everything

Turn on the telly, and Matthew will probably pop up. His work ranges from romantic comedies to superheroes to television dramas, and Matthew always makes it look good. He even starred in a little known film called The Imitation Game with Downton buddy, Tom Leech and Oscar nominee Benedict Cumberbatch, as a member of the cryptography team that helped win World War II for the UK.

6. Sorry ladies! He’s taken

Oh c'mon! We know it's the question you've been itching to ask. And yes, though Matthew still looks just as delectable as he did when he first popped on our screens, the 37-year-old is actually a loving father-of-two and partner of Sophie Dymoke, who he’s been with since 2007. With a daughter and son to take care of and a girl waiting for him at home, no wonder Matthew seems like the perfect package… Damn.

Have you been tuning into Downton Abbey this season? What are your thoughts on the final season?

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