We can't believe what happens in the Love Actually sequel

More details have been revealed...

Love Actually sequel
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More details have been revealed...

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Since we found out that there will be a Love Actually sequel, it's all we can talk about. We've had lots of teasers from the makers of the original Love Actually, including this one about the fate of Andrew Lincoln's character, Mark, also known as the romantic/creepy guy with the signs.

The sequel, Red Nose Day Actually, lands on our screens this week as part of a Comic Relief collaboration, and the fates of all the characters (including the one who is apparently now in jail) will be revealed on Friday 24th March.

Although we've been given various low-key spoilers in the run-up to its broadcast, the latest trailer may have answered a lot of our questions, actually (sorry not sorry).

Some very telling behind-the-scenes footage has been released on Twitter and there are a ton of clues about what to expect from the 10-minute follow-up short.

Hugh Grant's character is still the Prime Minister (somehow), pre-teens Joanna and Sam appear to still have something going on, and Andrew Lincoln still won't give up those damn placards. However, it does look as though Keira Knightley's character finally binned her hideous collection of baker hats, and for that we are forever grateful.

Take a look at all the bits they're teasing us with right here...

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