So this Love Actually character is now apparently in jail

And we can’t believe it

Love Actually sequel

And we can’t believe it

Ever since Richard Curtis announced that a Love Actually sequel was on the cards, we’ve been trying to contain our excitement, and now with just weeks till it’s release, we officially can’t wait.

Red Nose Day Actually (yes that really is its name) will air as part of Comic Relief on the BBC on 24th March, seeing the majority of its original cast return for the 10 minute TV sketch.

Expect to see Hugh Grant dancing, Andrew Lincoln holding up romantic signs, Bill Nighy wearing eccentric suits and of course Rowan Atkinson elaborately wrapping gifts.

Love Actually sequel

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There are however a few characters who will not be featured, with director Richard Curtis explaining to the Radio Times that they had to cut some of the Love Actually storylines to make sure that the segment wasn’t too long.

One character that you won’t be seeing in Red Nose Day Actually is Colin Frissell, the lovable character from Basildon, played by Kris Marshall, who went all the way to America in the original film to find women to fancy him.

love actually character jail

‘My sons are particularly bitter that we don’t see what’s happened to Colin Frissell, who went to America and came back with Denise Richards’ explained Curtis, before explaining where he thinks the character is now.

‘I’m assuming that he’s in prison now’, the director explained, ‘but I hope I’m wrong’. So do we! Poor Colin Frissell.

Even if he won’t be making an appearance in the comic relief sketch, there will be more than enough cast members returning to keep us entertained.

We officially cannot wait.

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