Does this new Liar theory prove Andrew is acting for someone else?

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  • Was the stuffed rabbit a major clue?

    Monday night’s penultimate episode of Liar laid the drama on thick, as Laura flicked into revenge mode, Katy and Tom’s affair was brought to light and DI Vanessa Harmon came to the horrifying realisation that she is Andrew’s latest victim.

    We also discovered that Andrew is hiding his stash of GHB – along with an incriminating video camera – in a shed belonging to an elderly relative, which explains why nothing was found when police searched his own home in episode two.

    In the last fifteen minutes of the show we watched Laura give Andrew a taste of his own medicine by drugging him, bundling him into his own car and driving him to her kayak shed… only for Andrew to wriggle free in the final few minutes.

    In many ways the episode felt like a finale. Andrew and Laura’s final stand-off in the harbour – interrupted by DI Harmon – could have feasibly ended the show. But it didn’t. Why? Partly because Harmon knew she was unable to arrest Andrew because Laura had drugged him with GHB.

    But is that the full story? And if not, what is there left for us to find out?

    Was Andrew acting alone?

    One increasingly plausible theory has been doing the rounds since last night’s episode aired: was Andrew the one who raped Laura and Vanessa, or is someone else involved?

    We saw Andrew drugging Laura’s drink in an episode three flashback and believed this proved he had raped Laura. But we didn’t see what happened afterwards. Likewise, we saw Andrew sneak into Vanessa’s house and drug her, but we didn’t see him attack her.

    There’s also the fact that Andrew is hiding a video camera in a shed along with his stash of GHB, suggesting he’s drugging and filming the victims, but not necessarily attacking them.  This would explain why he seemed certain that none of his DNA would be found in DI Harmon’s apartment.

    Which brings us to the question of Tom. Could he be working with Andrew? There have been strong suspicions about his motives over the series. Why would he be so keen to frame Andrew by helping Laura put the GHB in Andrew’s locker? Would he really risk his career for an ex he had shown such disdain for by cheating on if there wasn’t something else he had to gain from it?

    There’s also the extremely creepy question of the stuffed rabbit. In episode three Laura went in search of the earring she had lost on the night of the attack, only to find it back in her apartment, hanging on the ear of a giant stuffed rabbit. We assumed Andrew had snuck in to put the earring on the rabbit, but was this a huge clue that Tom was working with him? The rabbit, after all, had special significance in their relationship.

    We know from their previous show The Missing that Liar’s writers Harry and Jack Williams specialise in villains who hide in plain sight. Is Tom this villain? Whatever the truth, expect a huge bombshell when the finale arrives next week.

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