Jonathan Bailey discusses the inclusion of LGBTQ+ storylines in Bridgerton season 3

"Everyone's gonna see themselves in the story at some point."

Bridgerton season 3
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Jonathan Bailey has discussed LGBTQ+ inclusion in Bridgerton as the show prepares to return to the small screen after almost two years. The British actor is one of the stand-out stars of the past year - and it looks like his career is going to reach dizzying new heights in 2024. Jonathan won our hearts as Anthony Bridgerton, the male lead in the hit Netflix show's second series, and with Bridgerton's third season's release date closer than you might think, it's only a matter of time before we'll see how Kate and Anthony have fared as a new couple. 

But that's not all Jonathan has been up to. Starring alongside Matt Bomer in the LGBTQ+ series Fellow Travelers, he has received much acclaim for this boundary-breaking role. The actor is also working on the upcoming Wicked film adaptation, starring Hollywood heavyweights Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo, which is set for a release next year.

Jonathan spoke to Bustle about inclusion and representation in Bridgerton, and how he has faith that upcoming storylines will ensure 'everyone’s gonna see themselves'. So far, the central romances in the first three seasons of the Shondaland show have depicted heterosexual couples. 

"I’m always hopeful for inclusion in that way," he explained. "There’s so much that Bridgerton has achieved in storytelling, and there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that with the brilliance of Shondaland, everyone’s gonna see themselves in the story at some point, I’m sure."

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Jonathan also went on to say how much he's enjoyed taking part in the Netflix show, ahead of Bridgerton's third season, telling Bustle: "The thing that’s special is the overwhelming love that you feel. Every year, it’s a different lead character. So, tonally, it shifts. Even in the way that they market each series, you see the tonal colours, the passion, the different ways in which people can fall in love.

"The personal experience of suddenly being exposed on Netflix, it’s life-changing. [Being on the show] makes you feel the need to be stabilized in this industry, but it’s also the thing that gives you [stability]. So it’s a really lovely thing to be able to go away and to come back. We’re a tribe."

Watch this space for more updates on Bridgerton series three...

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