This Friends star explained being intimidated by Jennifer Aniston back in the day

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  • And we couldn’t have called it.

    After ten years of being there for us, Friends left our screens in 2004 – leaving a Central Perk shaped hole in our hearts – and we’re still not over it.

    Yes it may have been 15 years since Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe and Joey made their last appearances but it still feels like it was just yesterday.

    We’re still deeply invested in Rachel and Ross’ tumultuous relationship, we’ve never given up hope on Parker (Alec Baldwin) coming back into our lives, and we can’t believe how quickly the Friends children have grown up. Are we the only ones confused by our feelings for Ben now that he’s grown up and starring in Riverdale?

    child actors then and now dylan and cole sprouse

    Cole Sprouse (Ben) made news this week, as an interview with the actor resurfaced, in which he opened up about feeling intimidated by Jennifer Aniston – but in a really lovely way.

    ‘I’m pretty sure I fell in love with Jennifer Aniston, which the whole world had at that point,’ he explained in an interview with Today. ’But I do remember being quite intimidated around her, because of that. I remember blanking on my lines, and having a kind of stage fright when she sat next to me on the couch in one episode.’

    He continued: ‘I remember there was a cameraman who was like, “Little boy’s got a crush,” or I forget what they said. Of course, I turned bright red. But I do remember feeling like I fell in love.’

    Well, that’s lovely.

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