Harry Styles' carpool karaoke is a Diana Ross dream

There's only youuu in my liiiife

harry styles carpool karaoke
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There's only youuu in my liiiife

After the antics of One Direction on carpool karaoke last year, Harry Styles has returned without his former bandmates to James Corden’s car. As part of his appearance on the Late Late Show with James Corden, the newly solo singer belted out a few of his own tracks and sprinkled a dash of Diana Ross into the mix.

The Harry Styles carpool karaoke kicked off with an emotional rendition of Styles’ single Sign of the Times, right before James asked him about his self-titled new album. The album was released on 12 May and features twelve tracks, some of which are rumoured to be about Taylor Swift.

Harry responded, ‘It makes me cry performing [the single] sometimes. I find it quite emotional. But like, in a cool way.’

It wouldn’t be a Harry Styles appearance without some amazing yet questionable fashion choice, which this time took the form of a garish button up shirt. James called him on it and they started to discuss his outfits.

‘You’ve started to make some quite bold choices in your life. But here’s the thing, it’s quite annoying because you can pull [your style] off,’ James complained.

Chaos ensued as the two began swapping outfits and escalated to the point where James was squeezed into a golden disco-ready number. Harry on the other hand donned a fishnet shirt and leather vest, to which Corden said that they had finally found something that he couldn’t pull off - that is, until he put on his sunglasses and sealed the look.

harry styles carpool karaoke

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Harry’s newest foray into acting didn’t go unnoticed either, with James bringing up his upcoming role in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. He put the singer’s acting chops to the test by re-enacting famous rom com scenes, like Notting Hill and Titanic, and Harry nailed Kate Winslet coquettishly asking James’ DiCaprio to draw her.

It was their cover duet of Harry’s favourite song Endless Love which stole the show though, with Harry crooning away as Lionel Richie as James leapt into a thoroughly impressive Diana Ross falsetto. (Seriously, that guy outperforms some of his guests.) Their harmonies were absolutely on point and the tender performance was full of dramatic sexual tension that would do the divas proud.

After the rousing performance, James summed up how we all felt in a breathy, ‘I need to have a chat with my wife.’

Here’s hoping Niall nips in for a rendition of his single Slow Hands in the future.

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