The new Game of Thrones posters reveal a HUGE season 7 spoiler

Winter isn't coming - it's already here

game of thrones

Winter isn't coming - it's already here

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

It's almost time for Game of Thrones season 7, and excitement has reached fever pitch. The masterminds over at HBO have refused to give copies of the upcoming episodes to critics for review in a bid to keep all the secrets on lock down and avoid leaks, but that hasn't stopped eagle-eyed fans from scrutinising every second of trailers, and every tiny detail in pictures.

So far, we've gauged that the next baddie is going to be even worse than Ramsay Bolton, Arya is in possession of a very significant weapon, and this person could win the race for the Iron Throne if the three-headed dragon prophecy comes true.

But as temperatures soar in real life, it's set to get a few degrees cooler in Westeros if the latest promo posters are anything to go by.

While Cersai's concerning herself with blowing up everything in Kings Landing, and Jon Snow edges ever closer to finding out his real parentage, everyone has forgotten about the imminent threat of the White Walkers. While the last season brought them up every now and then (RIP Hodor), their place in the scheme of things hasn't been particularly clear.

Until now.

The latest pictures show the characters' faces with a suspiciously blue tinge and - what's that in their eyes? Oh, yeah - THE NIGHT KING.

game of thrones

The slogan also suggests that winter is not longer just coming - it's already here.

So while Arya is preoccupied with her hitlist, and Daenerys drags her army away from the sunshine, the White Walkers are primed for takeover.

The countdown to the 17 July is on...

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