The Game of Thrones souvenir Maisie Williams took home is so meaningful

'I can imagine it being something that I'm like, “Oh, I was on this show once upon a time"'

game of thrones souvenir
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'I can imagine it being something that I'm like, “Oh, I was on this show once upon a time"'

We’re still grappling with the news that Game of Thrones is actually coming to an end next year and it turns out we’re not the only ones. Now that most of the cast and crew have finished filming on the hit fantasy series, they’ve all been dealing with it in very different ways and Maisie Williams revealed she took a Game of Thrones souvenir home after her final scene.

In an interview with BBC Radio One, the Arya Stark actress explained that she had taken the character’s brown leather jacket - a practical choice she’ll be able to wear when the weather (eventually, finally) gets colder. We're assuming she means the one below with the rocking shoulder pads and quilting.

game of thrones souvenir

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She joked, ‘I can imagine it being something that I'm like, “Oh, I was on this show once upon a time and this was the jacket I wore.” And my grandkids being like, “Please stop.”’

Maisie isn’t the only one who had their heart set on nicking something from the set, however her co-star Kit Harington may have a tougher go of it. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he explained that he’s only ever wanted Jon Snow’s impressive sword Longclaw. But it turns out that it might be a bit of a mission.

game of thrones souvenir

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He said, ‘There's only one that I've ever wanted: I want my sword. The first season they were like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course.” And as the seasons went on and the show became more and more popular and that sword’s value went up, they became slowly quieter about it.”

Where there’s a will, there’s a way - even if Kit has to resort to breaking the law to get his hands on it.

‘I'm hinting more and more. I'm like “No seriously, I want that sword.” I'm just gonna steal it,’ he said.

Some of the other cast members have opted for more permanent reminders of their time on the show, with Sophie Turner’s Game of Thrones tattoo potentially spoiling the end of the series for everybody and Emilia Clarke currently plotting out some new dragon ink for her next tatt appointment.

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If, like us, you don’t have the option of snagging some authentic Thrones merch or want to commit to some themed ink to get closure, there’s some hope ahead. After the eighth and final series airs on HBO next year, it turns out that we could be returning to Westeros much earlier than we thought as a number of Game of Thrones spinoff series are currently in the works.

One has literally just been green lit for a pilot, a prequel set thousands of years prior to the events of Thrones and has been described by the team as a 'series that chronicles the world's descent from the golden Age of Heroes into its darkest hour'. According to Newsarama, the logline for the pilot reads, ‘From the horrifying secrets of Westeros’ history to the true origin of the white walkers, the mysteries of the East to the Starks of legend…it’s not the story we think we know.’


And if HBO could somehow shoehorn a Richard Madden appearance into the new series, we’d be eternally grateful. (We’re still not over Robb Stark.)

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