The weird Friends moments you’ve NEVER spotted before

Could we BE any more shocked?

(Image credit: Rex)

Could we BE any more shocked?

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Have you seen every episode of Friends at least twice? Do you still hum the theme tune? Do you spend nights dreaming of a reunion?

Well, we've got bad news for you. You're not a real fan.

It's a bold claim but we're going to make it, our reason being that no matter how many times you've seen The One With The Embryos, or if you do Ross' swearing gesture IRL, we bet you've never realised that in the background of your favourite sitcom all of these weird and wonderful things were going on.

(And no, knowing about that time that Jennifer Aniston had a body double and no one noticed does not count.)

If you did notice all of these things then, well, we're sorry. But you're probably lying.

The One Where The Extra Ate Coffee

If we were an extra on Friends, we probably would have milked it. And by milked it, we mean we'd have done something a bit weird in the background in the hope that years later someone would notice and we'd become an internet sensation.

That's exactly what happened to this actress, who, in a moment of confusion about how liquids work, actually chewed her coffee. Chewed.

Mmm, chunky lattes. Our favourite.

The One Where Rachel Used A Dodgy Passport

Rachel's hair was the stuff of nineties dreams. Short, long, choppy, straight - it was essentially the seventh Friends character.

So when Rachel turns up at the airport and thrusts her passport in the hands of a security guard, we notice that her famous 'do in the picture is - erm - not hers. Is Rachel using a stolen passport? Why isn't she being arrested for a criminal offence? And since when were people allowed to draw pink hearts all over this very important travel document?

Get to jail, Rachel Green. If that's even your real name.

Which brings us on to ...

The One Where She Used An Even Dodgier Alias

Okay, we're starting to realise that the shiny-haired one might not be all sweetness and light after all.

The Rachel Green we all know and love might actually be Rachel Greene.

Her invitation for Ross and Emily's wedding adds an 'e' on the end of her name, for no apparent reason other than to annoy her so much that she proceeds to ruin their actual wedding.

Dodgy passport, fake name, ruining weddings - no wonder she wasn't voted as our favourite Friends character.

The One Where A Potato Posed As A Croissant

This one is truly bizarre.

Joey's gigantic shirt jacket is truly distracting, but it's not enough to divert our eyes from the fact that there is a potato in the cake display instead of a croissant.

How did this raw, starchy imposter make it all the way to the final cut?

Maybe Gunther was attempting to give dodgy Rachel a dodgy stomach.

The One Where Joey Couldn't Stop Laughing

Matt LeBlanc thought no one would notice him laughing behind David Schwimmer's back, but he's not sly enough for us.

Watch as Matt completely breaks character and clamps his mouth shut to stop himself laughing.

Oh, Friends. Come back.

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