The UK’s favourite Friends character has been revealed and we’re outraged

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  • The nation has spoken…

    When it comes to picking a favourite ‘Friend’, the nation stands divided. We don’t mean our actual friends, we know exactly who they are (and who our favourite is). But when it comes to the Friends friends, you know the Central Perk sofa-loving Rachel Green, Ross Geller, Chandler Bing, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani and Monica Geller, it seems things aren’t so black and white.

    For some people, Phoebe Buffay and her catchy riffs mark her out as fan fave, for others, it’s the wry, wisecracking Chandler, but this news may well and truly get your goat.

    Apparently, the nation has spoken, and gone ahead and chosen their favourite Friends character without even consulting us, and quite frankly, we’re really not impressed.

    Because 2016 is officially ‘The Year of Friends‘, what with the Friends TV reunion and the epic FriendsFest, Comedy Central asked fans to take to Twitter to vote (yes, we realise we could have got involved, had we been looking out for this) for their favourite Friends character, as a way of settling the 22-year debate once and for all.

    To put you out of your misery, it was only bloody Ross Geller, played by David Schwimmer, who emerged victorious. Ross won with 25.6 per cent of the vote, with Marry Perry’s Chandler coming in a very close second with 25.4 per cent. Feeling depressed? This random Friends fan theory about Ross is about to make you feel even worse…

    Here be the UK’s favourite Friends character as voted by you (not us)*

    Ross Geller
    Chandler Bing
    Joey Tribbiani
    Phoebe Buffay
    Rachel Green
    Monica Geller

    *We wanted Joey.

    To prove we’re not bitter, here are a selection of Ross from Friends funniest quotes

    1) Ross: ‘I think my marriage might be kind of over.’

    Phoebe: ‘Oh, my God, why?’

    Ross: ‘Cause Carol’s a lesbian, and I’m not… and apparently it’s not a mix and match situation.’


    2)Ross: ‘You sprayed my front twice!’

    The Tanning Salon Guy: ‘You never turned?’

    Ross: ‘No! I barely even got to three Mississippi.’

    The Tanning Salon Guy: ‘Mississippi? I said count to five.’

    Ross: ‘Mississippilessly?’


    3)Ross: ‘Unagi is a total state of awareness, only by achieving true unagi can you be prepared for any danger that may befall you.’


    4) Ross: ‘Ah, love. L-O-V-E love. ‘L’ is for life. I mean what is life without love?’

    Rachel: ‘Oh my god, are we supposed to answer?’

    Ross: ”O’ is for OH WOW! ‘V’ is for this very surprising turn of events which I am *still* fine with by the way. ‘EEE’ is for how extreeemeely normal I find it that you two are together and that one day you might get married… and have children of your own…’

    Joey: ‘Dude, are you okay?’

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