Did you notice this HUGE Friends episode error?

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  • Oh dear...

    Ross and Emily’s wedding is one of those classic Friends episodes that never gets old – we still cringe massively at Ross saying: ‘take thee, Rachel’.

    But did you notice there was someone pretty important missing from the big day? A load of people we’d never seen before made the cut, and both the bride and groom’s friends and family were all included… weren’t they?

    Well, it turns out that the producers forgot to include… Ben!

    Source: WiffleGif via Giphy

    That’s right, Ross didn’t even invite his own son to the wedding, let alone ask him if he wanted to be the ring bearer. Poor little guy must have been sat at home wondering what on earth he did to deserve being excluded from his dad’s big day.

    It almost makes this weird theory about Ross and Ben seem slightly credible.

    The popular sitcom, which ran for 10 seasons, drew to a close 12 years ago (yet we can still barely go a day without making a Friends reference). So it’s taken us a fair amount of time to have this ‘oh yeah!’ moment.

    It’s still pretty funny, though.

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