Downton Abbey is being made into a feature-length film


downton abbey


Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Downton Abbey may have finished two years ago, but we were teased with the prospect of a spin-off musical and we got seriously excited by it.

However, if there's a Downton shaped hole in your heart then we've got some very good news - it has finally been confirmed that the popular ITV series is getting the movie makeover treatment.

The show aired for five years and we watched the characters' lives unfold over six seasons, but the final episode left us with a lot of questions - will Tom ever fall in love again? Are Mary and Edith really okay? And is Violet planning to live forever?

But according to The Sun, the franchise has been given the green light to continue in the format of a feature film.

A source said: 'Film bosses have requested the series of crew members and accountants to work on the picture.

'A budget has been set and now it's a case of getting everything in place to start shooting.

'It would take something big to stop the project from happening now.'

Earlier this year writer Julian Fellowes admitted he had written a film script just incase, saying: 'I don't want to be caught out if the producers suddenly say yes and then it's all go.'

Although a release date has not been set, filming is due to start in September.

Excited doesn't even cover it.

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