Doctor Foster won’t be back for a third season – but it could become an opera

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    Words – Jessica Ransom

    From the editors of Woman

    As the final episode of Doctor Foster season 2 aired this week, lots of questions were left unanswered. Sadly for fans, the BBC has appears to have confirmed that the show will not be returning for Doctor Foster‘s third series.

    BBC One tweeted: ‘Gone… but never ever forgotten. Thank you for joining us for Doctor Foster.’ So we will all have to go on not knowing where Tom disappeared to!

    This wasn’t always the planned ending according to the show’s writer Mike Bartlett. Speaking to RadioTimes he revealed that he only decided to have Tom disappear when he was writing it.

    He said: ‘The ending of the show unfolded as I was writing it. In the plan he’s in the car at the end. They go back to her house and get a new kitchen and try to build a life. It was only when I went to write it that she goes back to the car and he’s not there.  But that happened very organically from what he has been through I think.’

    Mike added: ‘I was so involved in Gemma and Simon’s story, that’s all I was thinking about when writing it. It sounds mad, this. But she comes out of the hotel and he’s not there. That’s the moment you look for as a writer, when the characters start telling you what they are doing rather than you telling them.

    ‘I think it’s important with this show that you stay in the present. It’s not a show where you are seeding lots of things for some future thing. And that’s never been the point of it.’

    But while the likelihood of a third series looks pretty low at the moment, there is a possibility that a Doctor Foster opera production could be coming our way soon…

    Can you imagine Doctor Foster on stage?

    It certainly has the potential to offer a thrilling live performance but would you go to see it? We would love to hear your thoughts so join the conversation in the comments section below or over on our Facebook page!

    Yes, really! Speaking to The Sun Mike, who has already written for the stage, said: ‘So far things have their own form and it’s definitely a bit of television in my own head but things get adapted and people get source material from all over the place. But if someone wanted to come up for an opera idea for it, I’d definitely be up for it. It sounds fun.’

    A theatre source told The Sun that producers would be ‘rubbing their hands together with glee’ over Mike’s support of the idea.

    The source added: ‘It’s a guaranteed audience and a story which could lend itself brilliantly to the dramatic nature of an opera.’

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