The controversial Titanic door just sold for almost £600,000 at auction

Someone *really* wants to test how many people can actually fit on it

The controversial door from Titanic has sold for over half a million pounds at auction
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There are some things that Titanic fans universally agree on - no one could have played Jack Dawson other than Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet's shade of auburn is superior and it's impossible to let go of a bath bomb without doing the older Rose gasp. However, the one thing that has caused the most controversy over the last three decades is whether or not Jack could have fit onto the floating piece of wood instead of being left to perish in the icy waters. 

But if anyone can find out, it's the new owners of the iconic prop. The infamous piece - which, according to Heritage Auctions, was actually modelled on debris salvaged from the original wreckage - measures 2.4m long and 1m wide, with the listing acknowledging just how much of a cultural phenomenon this legendary piece has become. And if you're wondering just how much it costs to get your hands on a slice of priceless (ahem) Hollywood history, the prop's new guardians parted with a cool £718,750 (£569,739) to secure the deal. 

The sale was made by Planet Hollywood as part of an auction which also included props from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (a whip which sold for a staggering $525,000), and Jack Nicholson's axe from The Shining (which fetched $125,000). 

People have re-created the final scenes of Titanic to prove whether or not there was room for Jack and Rose, but after 27 years the debate rages on. Kate Winslet reckons Jack probably could have squeezed on if he tried a little harder. Leonardo DiCaprio has consistently refused to comment. And in 2022, director James Cameron revealed that he tried to settle the debate once and for all by conducting a full-blown experiment with stunt doubles and forensic analysts. The conclusion? "Only one could survive."

Still, it might be something we all just talk about forever. At least when our grandchildren bring it up over Sunday lunch we'll finally be able to say: "It's been 84 years..."

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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