This Game of Thrones recruitment site actually exists

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  • And it's pretty hilarious...

    Always fancied yourself as the Mother of Dragons – Well look no further, the Westeros Recruitment centre might just be able to find you that dream job.

    With the high death rate in Game of Thrones it comes as no surprise that there are a few, fairly undesirable, job vacancies at the moment. And this highly detailed (and one hundred per cent unofficial) spoof site, Westeros Recruitment lists a number of job openings based on the deaths of the characters in the show, even going so far as to include salary expectations, main responsibilities and key skills required.

    Based only a short walk from the Red Keep area the recruitment agency specialises in matching the best candidates to the roles. ‘We find the jobs, staying in them is your problem’ – probably the best disclaimer in the Seven Kingdoms.

    Current vacancies include, an apprenticeship at the House of Black & White, the temple in Braavos dedicated to the many-faced God. Bringing in a little Game of Thrones humour, the job description states no one should apply because one of the main responsibilities is to become no one. Hopefully Arya Stark could provide a few CV pointers. The ad goes on to list cleansing dead bodies, devoting yourself to the many-faced God of death and assassinating when a name is given. It seems rather a high maintenance role considering it’s unpaid.

    Elsewhere, there’s a vacancy for a Personal Assistant to Bran Stark, the ideal candidate being described as ‘caring and compassionate, enjoying the simple things in life’. Holding the door when requested being a key responsibility (too soon?). As expected it’s a full-time gig paying $17,000 (or one gold dragon). Sounds pretty good providing you don’t mind the cold, or the white walkers.

    If you’re still not sold, maybe the recruitment centre’s client testimonials might seal the deal. Daenery’s Targaryen seems well pleased with the service after taking some time off for her gap year to save the people of Essos. ‘Thanks to them I’ve found the career of a lifetime. Being Khaleesi is amazing.’ We couldn’t agree more.

    Jon Snow also had a few words of praise ‘I knew nothing about the role or anything else for that matter, but before long I found myself promoted to the role of Lord Commander – it was great.’

    You should probably send a raven out that Lord of the Seven Kingdoms is currently vacant. Precursor: you only need to be willing to marry for the sake of the kingdom. No biggie.

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