10 Things We Learned From The Game Of Thrones Season 4 Premiere

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  • After getting a sneak peek at the first Game of Thrones episode - and chatting with some of the cast - we picked up lots of juicy secrets about the upcoming season four...

    The return of Game Of Thrones is almost here – and if you’re like us, this news is more exciting than Christmas Day and all four fashion weeks combined.

    After a much-too-long hiatus, season four of the hit drama kicks off 7 April on Sky Atlantic. But because we’re very very lucky, we got to view it early at last night’s London premiere.

    We also got the chance to chat with three of the cast members – Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth) and John Bradley (Sam Tarley).

    So what did we learn from this evening of GOT awesomeness? We’re glad you asked…
    1. Jon Snow is officially the hottest man on the show.

    Now that Robb Stark is out of the picture (sob!), Kit Harington’s character has taken over as the token piece of male eye-candy. Yes, we still have Jaime Lannister to consider – but with each new incestual plot twist, we lose interest. Plus, his new preppy haircut just doesn’t scream sexy.

    2. There’s a Red Wedding 2.0 on the horizon.

    If you thought the producers would go easy on us after last season’s massacre that was the Red Wedding, you were wrong. While the premiere episode is mostly about setting the scene and building up suspense, we won’t have to wait long for all hell to break loose.

    ‘It’s going to kick off really early,’ said Liam Cunningham, who hinted that something huge would happen in episode two or three. ‘There’s some large WTF moments coming up.’

    We have a sneaky feeling the chaos will involve the pending nuptials between King Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell. ‘There’s never going to a happy wedding in King’s Landing, is there?’ Liam added.

    3. Sansa Stark will get her revenge.

    Sansa’s storyline has been pretty heartbreaking so far: she’s lost her whole family and pretty much everyone walks all over her. But not for long.

    ‘She’s finally going to drop that [innocent facade] and begin to manipulate some people,’ Sophie Turner said. ‘She’s going to learn how to use her feminity to get what she wants.’

    4. The cast hasn’t read the books.

    Okay, maybe some of them have – but not the three we met. ‘I Wikipedia most of it,’ Sophie said. ‘We all do, we just don’t admit it.’ You kinda just did…

    5. Daenerys is the ultimate feminist.

    In the premiere episode, Daenerys Targaryen reminds us why we love her – and why she’s the ultimate symbol of female strength. We can’t reveal too much… but let’s just say she has no time for romantic gestures when she’s trying to take over the world.

    6. The series has a finite ending point.

    Because George RR Martin is still writing the books, some superfans (us included) may be hoping the series will go on forever. But all good things must end. ‘It’s yet to be confirmed, but they’re talking about seven, maybe eight seasons,’ Liam said. ‘It’s not going to reach 50.’

    7. There’s loads of nudity in season four – but only of the female variety.

    Surprise, surprise. The premiere episode features full-frontal nudity, but it’s only women stripping down. So will they ever turn the tables and put the men on display? Sadly, no. ‘I don’t think we’re going to see anymore penises,’ John Bradley revealed.

    8. The series was this close to being rejected.

    We can’t imagine anyone not loving GOT, but it didn’t have such a strong start.

    ‘The pilot was really bad,’ Sophie admitted. ‘We had to reshoot basically everything. Apparently, HBO was ready to say no.’

    9. GOT fandom has reached boy band level.

    Liam revealed that he was a bit overwhelmed when meeting a group of female fans. ‘A couple of them were crying, which is really weird when you’re not in One Direction,’ he said. ‘One of them even fainted.’

    10. Sam is still the most loveable character.

    We’re immediately reminded of how much we adore Sam when he comforts his pal Jon Snow in episode one. And it turns out real-life Sam is just as loveable – and funny.

    We especially loved when John described how one fan asked him why is character is still fat (because he’s been wandering near The Wall with very little food to eat, he said it just wasn’t believable that Sam wouldn’t have lost the weight). But, of course, John had the perfect response: ‘I just said, “You can’t believe I’m still fat, but you believe the dragons, mate?”‘

    Tune into Game Of Thrones on 7 April at 9pm on Sky Atlantic. Or for the really die-hard fans, catch it at the same time it airs in the US – at 2 am.

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