These 10 Instagram accounts will make everything feel much better

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Words by Emma Mason

It’s Sunday night and your weekly screen time report pops up on your phone. You finally pluck up the courage to check and - shock - your screen time has gone up again.

The past few months have seen us all guilty of looking at out screens more. Let's face it, what else have we had to do? But instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, why not make the hours on your phone count.

Whether you want positivity, inspiration to do up your home, motivation to exercise or just pure escapism, scroll for some great accounts to help you get through the second lockdown.

1. @globalpositivenews

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If you’ve ever found yourself questioning what good has come of this year, one scroll through this account will turn this idea round on its head. @globalpositivenews really does what it says on the tin, it provides heart-warming stories of kindness from all around the world that will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

2. @pieladybooks

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If you’re an avid reader looking for inspiration for your next book to read, or a novice who has vowed to pick up a book this lockdown then @pieladybooks has everything you need. Not only does the account recommend a variety of novels, across different genres, but it also pairs each book with a delicious, freshly baked treat, that could even rival those of Mary Berry’s.

3. @humansofny

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This year has prevented us from being together in more ways than one but @humansofny helps bridge this divide through incredible story-telling. It’s real people sharing their real life stories that are often both touching and addictive to read. Be prepared to cry as your faith in humanity will be restored through this account.

4. @jamesrelfyder

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If you’re in the need for some real escapism from the long and cold wintry nights then @jamesrelfyder is exactly what you need to fill the holiday shaped whole in your life. His feed of golden sunsets and panoramic views will have you reaching for the computer to book the next available flight to some remote whimsical cabin to a place you’ve never heard of before, and it will be worth it.

5. @lostinhistorypics

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Have you ever looked back at the 20thcentury and thought, I wish I could go back there and revisit it? Well now you don’t have to as @lostinhistorypics gives you rarely seen before shots of celebrities and everyday people like, living their best life all the way back to 1900. Did I also mention young photos of Joe Biden in the 60s? Enough said.

6. @residentobjects

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This account was born out of two women’s mutual love affair with all things thrifty and vintage. This lockdown creation by two fashion industry neighbours has grown in success and now sells their pre-loved goods worldwide. If you’re in the market for quirky 80s and 90s vintage home goods then look no further, @residentobjects has what you need.

7. @dj_fattony_

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@dj_fattony_ is getting all the press at the moment, and rightly so. This DJ turned meme creator will literally make you laugh out loud. He encapsulates the public mood so acutely in his posts, and to make him even cooler, he’s even friends with Kate Moss.

8. @mr.pokee

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Although hedgehogs might not be the most obvious thing to pack in your hand luggage for your next travel adventure, @mr.pokee will make you second guess this idea as soon as you see how cute the pictures are. Expect beautiful backdrops and two very smiley hedgehogs to brighten up your feed if you decide to follow this account.

9. @uniquehomestays

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I know you may not want to hear the word ‘staycation’ after this pandemic is over, but this account makes staying in the UK look never better. From chic seaside houses in Cornwall to impeccably furnished cottages in the Cotswolds, @uniquehomestays gives you both holiday and interior inspiration, what more could you want!

10. @gemmacorrell

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To get through this lockdown heavy doses of positivity and humour need to be prescribed, and UK cartoonist @gemmacorrell fills her feed with just that. Making light of any highly relatable situation seems to be her forte, with witty and pun-laden cartoons guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face.

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