The touching Meghan Markle moment you probably missed from the carriage drive

Sky news presenter Sarah-Jane Mee was at the heart of the action...

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Sky news presenter Sarah-Jane Mee was at the heart of the action...

You may think you have gleaned every. single. detail from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's (AKA the Duke and Duchess of Sussex) glorious wedding day, from the secret to Meghan's wedding hair, to those now immortal words Prince Harry whispered to Meghan at the altar in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle (that resulted in two billion people across the globe becoming overnight lip-reading experts). But chances are, you weren't actually there, on the front line where the action was playing out in real time.

Thankfully for us, Sky news Sunrise presenter Sarah-Jane Mee (keep up to date with her on Twitter at @skysarahjane) was up close and personal for the entire celebration. Literally - here she is this close to the car Meghan had just arrived in...

Sarah-Jane tells us all about the day from her exclusive behind-the-scenes standpoint. Beware - it will have you reliving the Royal wedding for the billionth time (and no, we're not sorry...)

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'The first glimpse we caught of Meghan was her arrival in the car to huge cheers in her Givenchy dress by designer Clare Waight Keller, it was a choice nobody predicted," Sarah-Jane told us. "Her veil embroidered with flowers from all 53 countries of the Commonwealth and her Queen Mary diamond tiara was on loan from the Queen.

There were some rather amusing scenes amongst the Royals, as American Bishop Michael Curry delivered his sermon - the Queen looked a little bemused, the Duchess of Cornwall looked highly amused, Meghan looked thrilled. His style was loud and passionate, far from the quiet restraint we usually see at Royal weddings. The crowds outside loved it and he got a huge round of spontaneous applause.

Plenty of celebrity guests were in the Chapel including Carey Mulligan and her husband Marcus Mumford who is a great friend of Harry’s. There was Tom Hardy, Serena Williams, the cast of Suits and Idris Elba, who secured an invite through his involvement with the Princes Trust charity - he said if it wasn't for a grant from the Prince’s Trust he wouldn’t have got his start in acting... imagine that!

As they left the Chapel, we saw the couple kiss at the top of the steps... as they made their way to the bottom a cheeky member of the crowd shouted "how about another one!", Harry laughed and looked at the crowd as if to say, "you’ll have to wait for that!"

Following them out, Prince Charles took both the arm of his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, but also Meghan’s mother Doria - it was a lovely touch to show she is now part of the family, too.

The couple’s procession was in front of a 100,000 strong crowd - fans had flown over from countries including Canada and California to Malaysia, as well as from up and down the UK.

Meghan pointed out a homemade sign from a teenager called Ayesha - it said 'Congratulations from Sussex’ - to Harry as they went past. Also, Meghan's old drama teacher was watching on the Long Walk, and Meghan spotted her saying "oh my god!".

Elton John performed at the lunch reception and there were speeches from Prince Harry and his father. Guests like Serena Williams, the Clooneys, the Beckhams and Oprah Winfrey enjoyed bowl food of pea and mint risotto and Windsor pork belly.

Meghan chose to speak at the more intimate evening gathering of 200 friends and family - it was a modern end to a historic event that combined the best of British and American culture. A perfect blend for a happy couple and very happy crowd.'

Sarah-Jane Mee presents Sunrise on Sky News, Monday to Thursday 6-10am

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