Why This Woman Is A Super Mum…

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  • The second winning mum in our Procter & Gamble competition and her daughter reveal why their relationship is so special.

    Michelle Sutlieff, 36, is a category manager for a large food manufacturer.

    ‘My mum and I have always been massively close. I decided to nominate her for a number of reasons, but mainly to thank her for what she did for me a couple of years ago. After the birth of my second son, Ben, now aged two, I suffered from complications that then triggered post-natal depression. Although Mum works and also has multiple sclerosis, she didn’t hesitate for an instant – she took compassionate leave and moved in with us to help me through the first eight weeks or so. She looked after my eldest, Finlay, who was seven at the time, me and the baby, and basically did everything, as I was quite poorly both physically and mentally. One weekend, once I had started to recover, my husband Dom, the kids and I decided to go away to see my best friend in Somerset. I was coping at this point but was still quite low. Mum got Dad organised and, together, they stripped the living room and completely redecorated it with my favourite wallpaper – it was such an amazing surprise when I got back! She’s really looking forward to her prize – a day out on a dry ski slope with me and the kids. She is a bit wobbly with her MS, of course, but she is definitely up for it and is going to see what she can do. She’s such an inspiration and I don’t know what I’d do without her, to be honest.’

    Dot Kavanagh, 58, is a special needs coordinator at a local school.

    ‘I don’t think I did anything for Michelle that any other mother wouldn’t do. Post-natal depression is a hidden illness and she was very poorly. It was not like her at all, as she’s normally always on the go, planning and doing things. I just knew I had to help. While she was convalescing, we often went round DIY shops and we’d pick up little samples of wallpaper, and stick them on the wall in her front room. I knew exactly what she liked and how she wanted the room to look, so when they went away, my husband and I moved in and did the job in a weekend. I’m really looking forward to my day out on the ski slope. I’ve never done anything like it, and I have to admit to being a little nervous. But Finlay has said he’s going to look after me and show me what to do – he’s been on a family skiing holiday once, before Ben was born. I’ve always said to both my children and my grandchildren that you’ve got to try everything that comes your way in life, otherwise you live with regrets. I don’t let my illness stop me from doing things. I am fairly fit as I walk everywhere, and I’m sure our day out will be really good fun.’

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