Victoria Beckham's daily advice to Harper is something we should all be doing

'You're a girl, you can achieve anything. You can do anything that you want to do.'

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'You're a girl, you can achieve anything. You can do anything that you want to do.'

Victoria Beckham is many things - fashion designer, beauty guru and one fifth of the biggest girl band in history.

The most important hat she wears however is ‘mother’, with the 44-year-old never missing an opportunity to spend time with her four children.

At the recent Forbes Women’s Summit, Victoria explained how she takes time aside each day to empower her youngest, six-year-old Harper - and it’s something we should all be doing.

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‘Every day when Harper goes to school, she walks up the school stairs and I give her a kiss. I say, “Harper, you're a girl, you can achieve anything. You can do anything that you want to do.”’

She continued: ‘That's my message to her constantly. She knows she can do everything and probably more than her brothers can. We talk about it a lot. She wants to be an inventor and she's very proud of that. She's a strong smart woman — little woman. I am still banging on that drum and I am not going to stop. I don't think any of us want to stop. It's a very important time for women right now.’

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VB has always been a big player in women’s empowerment - she and the Spice Girls practically invented girl power.

‘Three-quarters of my business is run by strong women,’ VB explained in a Facebook Live interview with Nicola Mendelssohn, VP EMEA, Facebook earlier this year to celebrate International Women’s Day. ‘Everyday I go into work and I’m inspired by women who work incredibly hard alongside having families.’

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‘Most of senior management staff are women. I didn’t employ them because they are women, but because they were the best at the job… I love women. I love women’s company.’

She continued: ’Support each other. Be that woman. Be that girl. Be that young child that likes other females. It’s really bad if you don’t. And there are women like that. And when I look back in the past about things that might be said about me or written about, a lot of the time it’s been by other women. It’s disappointing and that is so often that case. So my message would be… don’t be that young girl, don’t be that woman. Let’s change that.’

Here, here, VB.

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