Tom Hiddleston’s latest career move is concerning people

We don’t know what to think.

tom hiddleston

We don’t know what to think.

Tom Hiddleston’s career has been a divisive talking point for a few years now, with some fans concerning for the 38-year-old’s livelihood in recent years.

After hit 2016 show The Night Manager, Tom seemed destined for megastardom, tipped to become the next James Bond. But after a short-lived highly public relationship with Taylor Swift (we all remember that I heart TS tank top), he disappeared off the face of the earth, with some arguing his career was over.

Tom Hiddleston tank top

This week however, the actor returned to the screen, but not in the way anyone was expecting. In fact, people aren’t just surprised by his comeback, they are also very concerned.

Tom appeared this week for a starring role in a Chinese advert for vitamins.

Yes, really.

The ad sees the actor, dressed in an apron, talking to his wife (the camera) in a home movie style video, and to say that Twitter cringed would be an understatement.

‘Hey, good morning,’ he addresses the camera as he prepares the food. ‘I finished early so I thought I’d make you breakfast’. Then, handing her a salad that he had made for her breakfast, he asks ‘pepper on top, right?’, before complimenting her: ‘You look great’.

A particularly strange part of the advert sees Tom reminding his wife to take her Centrum vitamins (in Mandarin Chinese!) This is then followed by the actor telling his unseen wife that he’ll ‘probably be a bit busy for the next few weeks,’ as her hands dust off his jacket. ‘But I’ll make it up to you soon, I promise’, he reassures her, leaving the door waving.

Yes, this actually happened.

While the advert went viral in China, with viewers dubbing the actor their ‘dream husband’, it hasn’t proved quite as successful in his home country, with viewers left perplexed.

In fact some Twitter users have accused the ‘creepy’ advert of looking like the unseen woman has actually been bought by Tom Hiddleston.

Whatever your thoughts, it’s safe to say this isn’t the Tom Hiddleston reappearance that we were all expecting.

Jenny Proudfoot
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