You might be about to hear a lot more of Ryan Gosling's voice

And not for the reason that we would expect...

ryan gosling necklace
(Image credit: Rex)

And not for the reason that we would expect...

From the editors of InStyle US Words by Alexandra Whittaker

Halloween came yesterday, seeing people across the world channel Wednesday Adams and Beetlejuice and take part in everything from apple bobbing to the notorious trick or treat.

In fact, the only thing missing from the Halloween festivities is some festival-specific music.

Luckily for everyone, Ryan Gosling has given us what we all need.

Yes, that's right. Ryan Gosling, the man of many talents, was once part of an indie rock duo called Dead Man's Bones, and while in that band, he released an entire album of Halloween music that fits the occasion pretty well if you ask us.

So if you need a playlist for your belated Halloween party or you loved Ryan's voice in La La Land, give this a listen.

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