Reese Witherspoon Has Launched The Cutest Clothing Website And We Want To Buy EVERYTHING

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  • Reese Witherspoon's new website Draper James might just be our favourite celebrity website. And when you're a celebrity launching a website, there's a lot of competition out there. Here are our top six, decoded for your pleasure...

    The cool new one on the block: Reese Witherspoon, Draper James

    What it says on the tin: Clothes, jewellery, bags and generally very cute things inspired by the American south, y’all. Draper James has Reese (not to mention her grandparents, Dorothea Draper and William James Witherspoon, who the site is named after) written ALL over it.

    Blog on: If you’re looking for sweet gift ideas. Custom cocktail napkins, pencil sets and make-up bags; we logged on to look at the clothes but got totally distracted. Any wonder items sold out within hours of it launching?

    Blog off: If you dress in all black or never really ‘got’ Legally Blonde. Says Reese: ‘I love clothes with colour and happy prints because you only get one life, so you might as well make it pretty.’

    The one that started it all: Gwyneth Paltrow, Goop

    What it says on the tin: Since 2008, Gwynny has curated ‘the best of lifestyle’ in an effort to be your ‘most trusted girlfriend on the web’. In a world of competitive selfies and random trolling, what could more be wholesome and reassuring?

    Blog on: If you like your recipes (and restaurant recommendations) tried, tested and surprisingly tempting. Compiled by her trusted team of contribs, it ain’t all chia seeds and kale y’know. Hello, Adobo Fried Chicken and Waffles…

    Blog off: If you’re not a GP devotee already. While it’s certainly a varied website (a travel guide, cultural to-do-list and stylist in one) – insightful personal journal entries (conscious uncoupling, anyone?) may well push non-fans over the edge.

    The one for health and wellness: Jessica Alba, Honest

    What it says on the tin: ‘If you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself’. Born out of frustration to find the perfect products for baby and home, Jessica and her mate Christopher Gavigan co-founded The Honest Company in 2012 and well, honestly, it does just about everything it says on the tin.

    Blog on: If you’re a new parent or just thinking about it. Hell, our Jess is the epitome of a yummy mummy and she sure knows her non-toxic nappies (sorry, diapers) from her probiotic baby powder. We’re all ears.

    Blog off: If the thought of having babies brings you out in a rash that no amount of zinc oxide diaper treatment will heal.

    The one that’s oh-so-artisanal: Blake Lively, Preserve

    What it says on the tin: Bye bye Gossip Girl, so long style icon; as of July 2014, Ms Lively’s all about the ‘Preserve’ of America and will explore it through eight different areas – taste, home, style, intimacy, projects, culture, wellness and celebration. Still with us?

    Blog on: If you wanna do good. And we mean, ‘greater good’. The site is partnered with Covenant House, with a percentage of proceeds going towards fighting trafficking, youth abuse and homelessness.

    Blog off: If the word ‘artisanal’ makes you feel a bit queasy. A chopping board in the shape of California for $55 and black truffle salt at $14 a pop? Kitchen staples they ain’t.

    The one that’s very, very kind: Alicia Silverstone, The Kind Life

    What is says on the tin: Forget Gooping, being honest or preserving, be kind! No, like, seriously, be green, be healthy, be eco-friendly, be fairtrade, and be kind, est. 2009.

    Blog on: If you wanna connect with other new ‘moms’ (Mumsnet, smumsnet), look at pics of fluffy animals or just be, like, kind.

    Blog off: If you’d rather queue halfway around Dalston for a burger. For three hours. In the rain. Than embark on a vegan diet.

    The one that’s incredibly stylish: Olivia Palermo

    What is says on the tin: This is more than just a fash website, people! There’s tips for, erm, house guests, entertaining and she does her bit for charidee.

    Blog on: If you’re obsessed with Ms Palermo’s style (who isn’t?) there’s plenty to drool over. Shopping ‘Olivia’s Boutique’ is like taking a peek into her very own wardrobe. Sort of.

    Blog off: If you’re a bit of a foodie. You won’t find recipes here – it’s more pretty than practical – but there’s a nice culture section to give you food for thought.

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