This is Prince George’s very unexpected skill

And it looks like Princess Charlotte is following suit

Prince George Christmas presents
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And it looks like Princess Charlotte is following suit

Kate Middleton visited a charity farm project in Gloucestershire on Wednesday, where she played with animals, fed a lamb with a milk bottle and talked family life, even sharing a few anecdotes about her children – Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Three-year-old George is set to start school at Thomas’s Battersea in September, but it looks like he’s ahead of the class already, with the Duchess of Cambridge revealing that he has taken up a very impressive skill.

Prince George has started learning languages, with Kate proudly revealing that he can already count to ten in Spanish, adding that two-year-old Charlotte is not far behind.

This would seem out of the ordinary for the average three-year old, but he certainly seems to be taking after his family, who on closer inspection actually speak an impressive amount of languages between them.

The Queen is known to speak French to a very high standard, once filmed deep in French conversation with French president Françoise Hollande. Prince Philip, Prince Charles and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can also speak the language so we wouldn’t be surprised if French was the next language the royal children tackle.

The Prince of Wales and Prince William are arguably two of the family’s most impressive linguists, speaking five languages: Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, Swahili and Vietnamese in an anti poaching video message in 2014.

We doubt Prince George and Princess Charlotte will follow their lead though – that would be a little ambitious before starting pre-school.

While visiting the farm project, Kate also revealed that the family have a few new additions: five chickens and an egg incubator, which the young royals are said to be very excited about.

We wonder how the family of four’s long-standing pets, Lupo the dog and Marvin the hamster are taking the news.

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