Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder open up about Bodhi Soleil’s birth

And that it was actually Ian who decided they were ready for kids

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And that it was actually Ian who decided they were ready for kids

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When it came to figuring out the right time to start a family with his wife, Ian Somerhalder took the wheel.

‘[He] threw out all my birth control pills,’ revealed a laughing Nikki Reed in part two of her and her husband’s interview with Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy Podcast.

During a 2016 trip to Barcelona, Spain, Somerhalder says he went into Reed’s purse to do the deed. ‘It was the beginning of the pack, so I had to pop all those suckers out,’ he admits, noting that the moment – including Reed’s reaction to her husband throwing the pills down the toilet – was caught on camera.

Adds The Vampire Diaries actor, ‘Actually, now thinking about it, I guess I kind of decided [to start a family].’

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Reed, 29, and Somerhalder, 38, wed in April 2015 after first being spotted together the previous July and getting engaged that January. They welcomed their first child, daughter Bodhi Soleil, on July 25.

The proud new parents also opened up about Reed’s pregnancy – and Bodhi’s arrival – with the Twilight actress sharing that she didn’t have any morning sickness.

‘I think the thing that plagued me the most, actually, was the medical industry,’ admits Reed, noting that those fears, in part, lead to her indecision about a birthing plan. ‘Just all the rules and guidelines and paranoia, and all the things they put into your head about what you could possibly do wrong.’

‘I’m the real planner and I had no plan,’ she explains, adding, ‘Which, I think, speaks volumes … I was conflicted.’

Reed says she couldn’t decide between a home or hospital delivery, sharing, ‘The birth that I always wanted was a home birth with no lights, no one talking, no intervention of any kind. I wanted to be peaceful, quiet, alone.’

Ultimately, Bodhi was born in a hospital – and quickly, just three hours after Somerhalder and Reed arrived on site.

‘It was just intense, intense, intense,’ she recalls of labour, noting, ‘I kept thinking, “This is only the beginning.”’

Though the couple note that they often choose to keep their personal life out of the spotlight, they chose to share their birth story ‘because we feel so proud of this moment, above all things,’ says Reed. And we want to do it again.’

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