Meghan Markle's nephew is getting his own MTV reality show

And everyone's holding their breath

Meghan Markle Effect
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And everyone's holding their breath

Meghan Markle has had a trying time in the run and up and since becoming a Duchess, and unfortunately for the former actress, it all seems to surround one side of her family - the Markles.

There was the ongoing drama of whether her father, Thomas Markle, would be walking her down the aisle, not to mention his staged photographs for the press, and appearance on Good Morning Britain, where he may have divulged a little too much.

But he's not the family member that is becoming known for taking advantage of Meghan's royal status.

Instead, it's Meghan's 25-year-old nephew, Tyler Dooley, who despite being estranged from the 36-year-old seems to be getting all the benefits from her fame.

The son of her half brother runs a marijuana growing business in Oregan, with the name of his Cannabis business genuinely being 'Royally Grown'.

Not only did he use Meghan's royal connection for the name of his business, he even created a new strain of marijuana in her name, calling it Markle Sparkle in honour of the royal wedding - with the cannabis going on to retail at over £200 an ounce.

Now Tyler seems to be at it once more as he is set to star in an MTV series, alongside his mother, girlfriend Sandra and older brother, TJ. And while the show is supposed to be focusing on his Marijuana business, we have no doubt that Meghan will slip in conversation.

'Producers are fascinated by Tyler and his family and how different their lives are from Meghan's,' sources told the Sunday Mirror. 'They think viewers will love him and the rest of the Dooleys and become gripped by their soap opera lives.'

Oh no.

Our thoughts are with Meghan!

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