This is the surprising thing Meghan Markle has changed about herself since becoming a royal

We did not see this coming...

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We did not see this coming...

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have stepped down as royal family members and relocated to California, but that certainly doesn't stop them from making headlines.

In fact, from the arrival of baby Lilibet and updates on Archie to their tell-all interview with Oprah and TIME magazine cover, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are all anyone can talk about.

This week, it was the Duchess of Sussex in particular that made headlines, namely about the major changes she had to make when first joining the fold.

Since becoming a royal, Meghan has made some noticeable changes, deleting her social media pages, wearing tights to public engagements, and curtsying to both the Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth on the regular.

While these are considered normal changes to make as a ‘commoner’ entering the royal family, some of Meghan’s changes weren’t exactly required by protocol.

The most surprising? Her handwriting.

It appears that Meghan’s handwriting has changed since she has become a royal, going from controlled italic writing with dominant loops and large letters to more of an informal scrawl, spotted on her royal tour to Ireland as she signed a welcome book.

But what’s the reason behind it? According to handwriting analyst Tracy Trussell of Hand Right, it’s got a lot to do with Meghan’s romantic side.

‘The little hook at the start of her capital “M” reveals that once she has set her heart on something, nothing will stop her until she's satisfied her goal,’ Trussell explained to the Daily Mail. ‘Her handwriting suggests she is a romantic, passionate and devoted woman, who will need the protection of the man she loves.’

Whether that’s true or not, it’s safe to say that the Duchess of Sussex’s handwriting has dramatically changed.

Maybe handwriting was one of the courses in Meghan’s Princess lessons, with the Duchess reportedly undertaking 24 weeks of royal etiquette classes before joining the fold.

Well, that's that.

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